ED&I Committee

Basketball England’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee was formed in 2021 to help the organisation take a stronger approach to tackling discrimination and promoting fairness and respect across basketball.

Basketball England has sought to recruit independent, knowledgeable, inspirational and skilled individuals from within and outside basketball to support, advise and challenge the BE board as part of the philosophy that #TogetherWeAreBasketbALL.

It is intended that the formation of the committee will build on engagement between BE and the basketball community to promote the sport as accessible and fair for everyone, at every level - playing, coaching, officiating, volunteering, administration, employment and positions of influence.  

It follows discussions about discrimination and the anti-racism protests of 2020, as well as analysis of levels of representation in roles within the game.

The group will focus help BE improve the way in in which the organisations tackles all forms of discrimination.

Stewart Kellett, Basketball England CEO, said: 

“Following the anti-racism reflection, discussion and protest of last year, Basketball England listened to ideas and feedback from all parts of the sport about the issue of discrimination. We also elevated voices across the game which led us to a broader perspective about equality, diversity and inclusion which everyone in the game wants to see. 

“Now we are set up to turn that conversation, online engagement and short-term response into longer-term developments to support the game, factoring in a range of other societal concerns around issues such as safeguarding and how we tackle inequalities.  

“Basketball England’s initial focus has been to recruit a panel of diverse individuals with the expertise and experience to helping shape and guide the organisation’s approach to tackling all forms of discrimination and promoting inclusion and fairness.”


BE has recruited a diverse, independent group of people from a variety of backgrounds, including legal and regulatory, community, safeguarding, EDI, grassroots basketball, club, coach, officiating environments, education, campaigning, behavioural change and social inclusion.

The committee is chaired by Basketball England board member Benny Bonsu, who said: “Basketball is a diverse sport that requires every part of it in England to be diverse. It is important to reflect the people we serve and for everyone to be involved and feel part of our growth and future."    

The committee members are:

Giulia Zecchini
Charlie Ford
Novlette Balela OBE, Hon Doc
Rheanne Bailey
James Swanson
Carl Ntifo
Zach Meekings
Ashlea Smith
Sarah McQueen
Alex Brooks
Jon Stonebridge
Billy Beddow


Area of work / projects

The committee meets every two months to help set and support the Basketball England ED&I agenda.

To ensure the committee works effectively it will be split into three sub-committees, initially tackling three different areas:

  • Providing Transparency (communication)
  • Generation Insight
  • Tackling inequalities


BE in the Community

As well as developing individuals, basketball can help build stronger communities by bringing people together, the sport has a unique ability to connect communities and improve lives. It is a sport that transcends generations and has the ability to reach beyond social boundaries in a way that few others sports can.

As a way to support and showcase the great work going on around the country that positively impacts lives we have a dedicated page that celebrates that work that is happening at community level.

To visit our BE in the Community Page, please use the button below. 

Our Partners

There is no one solution to create healthier, happier and more successful basketball communities. Instead of trying to do everything ourselves, we work with experts in a range of disciplines to benefit the future of the sport.

Basketball England is proud of our official community partners, whose invaluable support means we can reach more people to positively impact lives around the UK. 

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