Five steps to wellbeing

Good mental wellbeing doesn't mean that you'll never experience situations you find difficult.

But it does mean that you might have resilience to cope when things get tough.

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1) Connect with people

Social relationships are critical for promoting wellbeing and for acting as a buffer against mental ill health for people of all ages.

Try  to do something different when you’re at your next club session or competition and make a connection. 

  • Speak to someone new. 
  • Ask how someone’s session or competition is going and really listen when they tell you.  
  • Put five minutes aside to find out how someone really is. 
2) Be active

Regular physical activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups. Exercise is essential for slowing age-related cognitive decline and for promoting well-being.

It doesn’t need to be intense for you to feel good, just pick up a basketball. 

  • Attend a club session. 
  • Enter a basketball competition. 
  • Set up an activity at home to practice some skills. 
3) Take notice

Being aware of what is taking place in the present enhances your well-being. Savouring ‘the moment’ can help to reaffirm your own life priorities.

Take some time to enjoy the moment and the environment around you.  

  • Take notice of how players and volunteers in the club are feeling or acting. 
  • Listen to the sounds of the basketballs as people play. 
  • Watch coaches and players interacting and enjoying the benefits of our sport.
4) Keep learning

Continued learning through life enhances self-esteem and encourages social interaction and a more  active life.

Why not learn something new today?  

  • Find out something about the players and volunteers in your club. 
  • Sign up to a Basketball England course. 
  • Ask a coach or official to develop your skills or knowledge in the sport.  
5) Give

Individuals who report a greater interest in helping others are more likely to rate themselves as happy. Committing an act of kindness once a week over a six-week period is associated with an increase in wellbeing. 

Why not help at your club or provide support to a new member or consider volunteering at an upcoming Basketball England competition.