Disciplinary guidelines &                         Appeals.

Disciplinary Guidelines

Regulation 49.7 of the Basketball England regulations states that a system of cumulative "penalty points" will apply, and a one game suspension automatically comes into force whenever a person's total penalty points reaches (or exceeds) each of the following totals:  10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 etc.

The tables on pages 4 to 6 are to be used as guidelines only in respect of the type of disciplinary action that will be taken against all participants for improper conduct as detailed.  They are not in any way definitive and the Disciplinary Officer/Panel will make their judgement as appropriate after taking into account all the evidence made available to them.

The after disqualification points column refers to actions of a participant after they have been disqualified, e.g. a player is disqualified for violent conduct, which will give them at least a one game ban, they then direct a stream of abuse at a participant or kick an advertising board, they will then get additional points on top of the points normally received for the ‘act’ of disqualification. 

The Disciplinary Guidelines will also apply to Spectators and Team Followers of their respective clubs.


49.5      Any Club or individual may appeal against a decision of the Disciplinary Officer, Officer of Basketball England or Competitions Review Panel by submitting an appeal with Basketball England as follows:

49.5.1   The grounds for the appeal must be submitted by the appellant in writing to Basketball England within seven (7) days (unless otherwise specified) of (i) the appellant being notified of the relevant decision or (ii) the date of any incident incurring automatic disciplinary points.

49.5.2   The appeal must be accompanied by a deposit of £500 for senior competitions and £250 for age group competitions.

49.5.3   An appeals panel appointed by Basketball England will review the appeal submission and will elect in its sole discretion to determine the validity of the appeal either (i) based solely on the written submission, or (ii) on the basis of the written submission and by hearing oral evidence given by the appellant together with any other party or parties who, in the appeal panel’s opinion may be affected by the decision. For the avoidance of doubt, a personal hearing shall be convened solely at the discretion of the appeal panel, and is not an automatic right of the appellant.

49.5.4   Any decision of the appeals panel shall be final and binding on the parties.

49.5.5   The appeals panel shall determine whether the deposit is returned to the appellant in full, in part, or not at all.

49.5.6   The Appeals Panel may award costs and expenses against the appellant as it deems appropriate.