Disciplinary Procedures.

Outstanding suspensions

Any suspension or part thereof which remains outstanding at the end of a season resulting from these disciplinary procedures must be served at the commencement of the next season, within the terms of these disciplinary procedures. Before a participant is eligible to serve a suspension in a following season they must be licensed and registered to compete with their respective team.  No suspension can be served unless the participant’s registration is fully complete.  Once registered a suspension letter will be issued by Basketball England to highlight the fixtures/dates during that current season for which the carried over suspension should be served.

Re-arranged matches

The Disciplinary Officer shall have discretionary power to rule that a match shall not count towards the completion of a suspension if it is satisfied that the game has been arranged by the club with a view to enabling a player to complete his suspension and thus qualify him to play in a specific match.


Where a player, coach or official is disqualified by the referees, he/she must leave the venue and take no further part in the game (including not in a spectating capacity or via electronic devices such as mobile phones etc).

BE shall not tolerate violent conduct of any kind. Where a person registered with BE is found to have committed an assault on another player, coach, official, referee and/or spectator, the person concerned shall be suspended in accordance with disciplinary sanctions herein. Where required, BE shall also supply names of officials and/or witnesses to relevant authorities should legal proceeding be instigated.