AASE stands for Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence and is a sports performance programme that has been developed with national governing bodies across a whole load of sports (we like ours the best obviously!). It is a training and development route for young players who are talented at basketball.It teaches you to become a better player, as well as life lessons and other areas of sport you may wish to branch out into. It also focuses on your ability to plan, apply and evaluate yourself and the development you’re making. The AASE programme also looks at career development, lifestyle, communication and health and safety...so this is so much more than a basketball qualification. It teaches you to become a better player, as well as life lessons and other areas of sport you may wish to brand out into.

It is made up of four sections:
•    Level 3 NVQ Diploma Achieving Excellence in Sports performance
•    Technical Certificate - A/Levels, BTEC etc.
•    Functional Skills in communication & application of numbers (you don’t need to do this bit if you achieved GCSE’s in Maths and English)
•    Basketball England Level 2 Coaching award

AASE is for elite athletes between 16-18 who think they want to continue their sporting career and get a qualification all at the same time! You need to have been recognised by us as an elite player, make sure your academic results are good enough to get on the programme and meet the funding criteria. For more information on whether you are eligible to apply for the AASE programme go to the AASE website.

The course runs for two years.

That is what is so great about AASE, it is not just a qualification to play the game, it focuses on a whole load of other areas you can go into as a career if you miss out on playing at the highest level. And even if you do get to play professionally, what will you do once you retire – you can’t play professionally forever!

There are a number of institutions all over the country which offer the basketball AASE programme and a list can be found on the AASE Institutions part of our site. The application process will vary a little bit depending on the institution but you can visit the AASE website which has details on the application process.

Well, only you can decide that but the Basketball England philosophy of AASE is to support elite athletes in an educational environment. If you want to focus on your education, how you can successfully have a career in sport and play at the highest level, then this might be the way for you.

•    You will be coached by top approved coaches in the country
•    You will have over ten hours on-court coaching each week including both individual and group sessions
•    You will undertake strength & conditioning sessions designed to enhance elite performance
•    The AASE programme is an integral part of the Great Britain Basketball Player Performance Pathway
•    The AASE programme can open up exit routes to universities, BBL/EBL Div 1 clubs and to European and American development programmes
•    Full support is given to complete your further educational studies

It can run alongside it! You can be in one of our regional or national programmes and be on the AASE programme at the same time. As long as you are within the age criteria (16-18), you could also for example be on our regional development programme or even on our national squads. Check out the talent pathway here.