Improve as a Coach

Club Skills Guide for Coaches

The Areas of Emphasis (AoE) and the Club Skills Guide are specifically produced to help guide and educate our national league clubs and teams whose primary focus is not only to play the game but also to teach the game and the fundamentals of basketball. The Club Skills Guide provides a guideline and link between the Areas of Emphasis and coaching at club level.

Courses and clinics

If you’re looking to attend any of our courses or clinics and not sure what is in your area then you can search by your area and find all of the courses or clinics you’re interested in.

Guidance for Coaches

You’re qualified – good job! But now you’re looking for guidance on the kind of thing you need to be delivering. Ok well you’ve come to the right place because in here you will find the key areas to focus your coaching sessions on, as well as the roles within your region we recommend are in place to provide you with the best support it can.

How do I improve?

So you want to improve as a coach, or you haven’t qualified yet and want to know what qualifications are available to get on the ladder and keep progressing.
In this section, you will find all the courses available to you to become a qualified coach or get a higher qualification.