Club Skills Guide for Coaches

The Areas of Emphasis (AoE) and the Club Skills Guide are specifically produced to help guide and educate our national league clubs and teams whose primary focus is not only to play the game but also to teach the game and the fundamentals of basketball. The Club Skills Guide provides a guideline and link between the Areas of Emphasis and coaching at club level.

We understand that games are the basis of basketball activity however preparation and training with learning and coaching of the basic skills becomes the key determinant of player and coach satisfaction. Junior programs including academies need to plan and coach the basic skills better. Even our very best players have common weaknesses that if addressed would significantly improve the performance of our club teams and the quality of our competitions, as well as our national teams.

The Clubs Skills Guide is now available for all registered BE coaches to access. If you wish to view the Guide, please contact the Basketball England Coaching Development & Participation Manager Brian Aldred (0114 284 1064 or who will provide you with further instruction.

The CSG is not currently for general viewing. The reason for this is that Basketball England want to be able to provide each coach that accesses the CSG with as much guidance and support as possible whilst they learn about the contents of the CSG and put it's teachings into practice. This support will be provided by the Basketball England Coaching Participation & Development Manager Brian Aldred and your local Performance Coaching Coordinator.