How do I Improve

So you want to improve as a coach, or you haven’t qualified yet and want to know what qualifications are available to get on the ladder and keep progressing.
In this section, you will find all the courses available to you to become a qualified coach or get a higher qualification. You will also find information on what to do if you want improve your style and gain more experience.

We will also give you more information where to find a course and what to do next.

We think coaching is really important. Great coaches equal great basketball, more enjoyment and more people playing, three things which are really really important! Not only that, it is one of the most rewarding roles in sport – you get to influence how much players enjoy the sport, and not only that how good they are!

Whether its grass roots coaching, National League or even our national and international teams, each of these are equally important as the rest and cover off an extremely vital role in our sport.

Our vision for coaching is to produce the best ones we possibly can, give them the most support possible and make sure we have enough to cater for every player at every stage of their development.

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Becoming a licensed coach
For how to become a registered coach and the requirements you will need go to our Coaching section.

If you’re already a registered coach and want to gain another qualification, they are listed below and link to their relevant section for more information and how it all fits together.

Anyone interested in attending any of the below courses is encouraged to read the Coaching Practice Requirements available to download from this page and our Health and safety guidelines.

Qualifications available to improve as a coach include:

Basketball England Level 1 UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC L1) – This is your basic qualification. You can assist other coaches when they’re coaching and it gives you the foundations to get your level 2 qualification. Go to our courses section for more information and how to register.

Basketball England Level 2 UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC L2) – This is the standard level of coaching to allow you coach in local and junior national leagues. It gives you an idea of coaching styles, skills and techniques to take into your own sessions.  Go to our courses section for more information and how to register.

Basketball England Level 3 UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC L3) – If you’re eager to continue your coaching qualifications, this is the advanced level and means you’ll be able to coach players of all levels. This long term course gives you the skills to look at coaching programmes, plan, analyse and revise them and implement into your coaching sessions. Go to our courses section for more information and how to register.

Basketball England Awards
The UKCC are the official body which nationally recognised courses all over the country for a whole load of sports. The above courses are all run by the UKCC.
Below are some courses that the clever people here at Basketball England have put together that focus on introductory awards, young people but also covers the level 1 & 2 coaching award which mirror the UKCC above (only they’re a little bit cheaper!)

Basketball Activators Award - This is an introductory level qualification designed to empower candidates with the skills, drills and basic technical knowledge to deliver recreational/social basketball. If you’re interested in delivering basketball, this six hour course will help give you this knowledge. The Basketball Activators Award is recommended as the appropriate add-on for the Level 1 award in Community Sports Leadership. Go to our courses section for more information and how to register.

Coach Level 1 - This is your basic level if you’re starting out in the world of basketball coaching. It’s great if you already have a club coach and you’re planning to work alongside them in a club or coach environment. Go to our courses section for more information and how to register.

Coach Level 2 - This is the first level of coaching award that coaches need to coach without supervision. The 24-hour course provides candidates with all the knowledge they require to coach a club, school or team in training and games. Go to our courses section for more information and how to register.

Gain experience
A big part of getting better as a coach is the experience you gain outside of a course exam paper. There are loads of ways you can do this:
Coach in a club – If you’re not already coaching in a basketball club, finding one to do this is the first thing to do. Coaching in a club will give you fantastic hands on experience, whatever the ability of the players.

If you’re already doing this well done, you’re ahead of the game! We encourage all clubs to implement a coaching lead role (link to role descriptor) who will look after the development of coaches at the club. If you have one of these, then explain you want to progress and they can guide you in the right direction. If not, don’t despair there are loads of ways to develop and improve as a coach...

Coaching clinics
We put on coaching clinics and seminars throughout the year which specifically focus on the development of our coaches’ skills. Once we have scheduled these, we will email and let you know, and they will be posted on this page.

Online resources
There are a whole load of online useful resources available to you as a coach. These can be broken down depending on what level you are at, and what kind of support you need.

Go to our resources section for all the online support you can access.