Basic Skills Checklist

So you want to know what you should be learning to be the best player you can in basketball...seems pretty sensible to us, you want to know for yourself what you should be being taught.

Skills checklist
This document outlines all the different areas you should be working on and trying to improve to make you  the best player you can be. It breaks it down into categorised like passing fundamentals, shooting technique, movement and defence and further into individual skills for you to work on. Not only that, you can keep an eye on your coach at training and give them a nudge if they’ve been missing out anything!

Download checklist.

Areas of emphasis for coaches
This document outlines the areas of basketball which all coaches in the country should be focussing their sessions and have been deemed the fundamental skills every player should have. If you want to swot up, download the document and take a look at the areas and measure how good you are as a player against each one. And if you’re not sure, talk to your coach – they’re there to help you improve!