The Level 2 Referee Qualification

Basketball England’s level 2 referee award is the first full qualification for any referee. It is aimed the beginner but having basketball experience is recommended. Successful candidates can officiate recreational basketball and with local support programmes look to officiating local and regional senior competitions after the first season. More experienced level 2 referees can officiate games up to junior national league competitions.

The course consists of 4 units and makes up a total of 17 hours tutor contact which is both in the classroom and the basketball court. The units must be completed in full but can be delivered with no restrictions on timings and frequency.

For further details about contents of the course please read the Level 2 Referee Criteria & Learning Outcomes.

How do I register onto a course?

Complete the registration form by clicking HERE and once completed send it to

You can also search for a course HERE that you may wish to sign up to.

How to organise a course?

If you wish to organise a course for your club, league or association please follow the steps below.

It is recommended that each unit is organised 4 weeks apart (once per month) to allow for practical learning opportunities between units.

Below is a diagram illustrating the course format:

Basketball England will cover the cost of the facility needed for your course and pay the tutor costs.

Step 1

Consider a facility which meets the requirements above (i.e. can provide both court space and a classroom type area) and enquire about cost and availability. The classroom should accommodate the correct number of candidates you plan to subscribe onto the course and have access to a screen and projector for delivery.

You should consider the minimum number of candidates required when looking at possible venues to cover facility costs.


Candidate No

Hourly facility cost


Candidate x 6

£0 X 17 hours


Candidate x 6

£5 X 17 hours


Candidate x 7

£10 X 17 hours


Candidate x 8

£15 X 17 hours


Candidate x 9

£25 X 17 hours


Candidate x 10

£30 X 17 hours


Delegate x 11

£35 X 17 hours


Delegate x 12

£40 X 17 hours


Delegate x 13

£50 X 17 hours


Delegate x 14

£55 X 17 hours


Delegate x 15

£60 X 17 hours


Step 2

Complete a Technical Award Application Form in full (available HERE). Basketball England will confirm receipt of your booking once we receive your application form by sending you a confirmation email. We will then send you a purchase order number so that you can book the facility on our behalf.

Note: If you do not recruit the required number of candidates for the course then we may have to postpone/cancel the course and the facility. As such we need to be aware of the final potential date for amending/cancelling the facility booking and whether there are any associated charges.

Step 3

With your confirmation email from BE, you will need a Candidate Registration Form (available HERE). This form should be circulated to clubs, teams, and potential candidates.

Candidates can either complete the form and return it directly to Becky France at Basketball England or send it to you as the organiser. You can then collate candidate details before forwarding them to Basketball England.

Step 4

7 days before commencement of the course, Basketball England will send full details of the course to all the candidates by email. This will include details on how to pay.

What do candidates receive for taking part in a course?
  • Basketball England String Bag
  • Whistle & Lanyard
  • Safeguarding Manual
  • Mechanics Manuals
  • Officials Rule Books
  • Basketball England Water Bottle

The above will be distributed ready for collection at the commencement of Unit 1 of the course.