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If you are a new member, you can use our membership portal to sign up as an individual or register a new club with us.

If you are an existing member or club secretary, you can log in to the membership portal by clicking the link below.

Be Informed

If you are interested in what we’re doing to make basketball brilliant in England, what new initiatives we are rolling out, how our events are going, what investment we’re making into cutting edge facilties and everything else we do then you can sign up to be a member of Basketball England for free!

Membership Benefits

There are numerous benefits to becoming a Basketball England member - explore them all here.

Member Insurance

Insurance – what does that mean to me? Well it might seem boring, but it is an essential benefit of your membership with us. It means if there is an accident, you will be covered under the terms of our insurance. It covers clubs, players, coaches, referees and officials.

Member Insurance FAQs

If you have a query about your BE insurance, we've thought of a load of questions that might be able to help you. Check them out here!

Paid Membership FAQs

A collection of frequently asked questions relating to paid Basketball England membership.

Membership Forms and Guidance

This page provides members with a selection of guides to registering as local league club, as a University playing BUCS basketball or as an individual. There's also a number of other handy documents such as a list of our area registrars and how you can contact them when you come to pay for your registrations, or what you need to do to affiliate your league or Association with us!