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If you're already a Basketball England member, you can sign in to the membership portal using the "Register/Login" button in the top right of this page.

If you're not already a member, there are two ways to sign up:

1. Free membership only

Perfect for fans, followers or parents.

2. Free membership + paid licence

Members who also buy licences to competitions such as NBL and Jnr. NBL will receive added benefits and our full range of services.

Free membership only

We all love basketball, and there are plenty of ways to be involved with the sports that doesn't involve being on court.

You can sign up as a member of Basketball England for free if you're any of the following:

  • A basketball fan or follower
  • Want to get behind Team England and Great Britain
  • Looking to return to the game
  • A parent or volunteer
  • A basketball influencer
  • Or just love the game

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Free membership + licence

Our free membership is for everyone, but some people will need to pay for a licence depending on what they plan to do.

You will need to buy a licence if you're part of a competition like the NBL, Jnr. NBL or a local league, in one of the roles below:

  • Player
  • Coach
  • Referee
  • Table Official
  • Team Follower/Bench Personnel
  • Statistician

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For anyone that needs to purchase a licence alongside their free membership, such as members taking part in competitions like the NBL, Jnr. NBL or a local league, more information on current fees can be viewed using the buttons below.

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Data Protection FAQs

For our full Data Protection policy click HERE.

How are we ensuring data is kept safe? +
<p>Our system is encrypted, ensuring that data is held securely. Documents such as passports that contain personal data are destroyed once verified.</p>
Who will have access to data? +
<p>Individual members and permitted members of Basketball England staff will have access to all data held, such as personal details and eligibility documents. Area Registrars and Club Administrators will only have access to the personal details.</p> <p>We also want to collect some demographics information on our membership to help us to report to funding partners and to sponsors and to allow us to better understand our membership and we have tasked our IT partner with being able to collect his information and be able to report on it, without our staff being able to attribute demographic information to an individual.</p>