Here are the steps to renew your membership:


NOTE: Membership must be paid first in order to unlock your profile

Step 1: Log in

If you have forgotten your details, click on 'Forgotten these details'



Your membership will automatically be in the basket


Step 3: Select payment method
(check with your club first)

  • ‘Pay Now online’, complete billing details


  • ‘My Club/Organisation Pays’, enter the club code
    (ask your club for this)


Step 4: Click 'Checkout'

Follow any instructions on the screen

Note: your new membership will appear as of 1st September

NOTE: If you sent your membership payment to the club, you will be unable to complete step 5a/5b until the club have paid for your membership. Please contact your club in the first instance.


Step 5a: Click on 'CLUBS' and check you are part of the correct clubs - LEAVE A CLUB

You will have the opportunity to transfer without a fee up to 30th September. Note that any licence purchases attached to the club will also be removed.

Click 'LEAVE CLUB' where necessary and follow any instructions on the screen.

Step 5b: Click on 'CLUBS' and check you are part of the correct clubs - JOIN A CLUB

If you need to join any additional clubs, you can do so further down the 'CLUBS' page


Next Steps:

On your 'PROFILE', ensure that all your details are up to date.  If there are any fields that you are unable to change that need amending, email so we can update this.

We highly recommend that members begin to upload their 'ELIGIBILITY' documents as early as possible to ensure they are verified in time for the season.  Unsure of what eligibility is needed?  Click here 

Click here for the steps on licencing to ensure a smooth and quick process

Registration FAQs

What are the best ways to get our members signed up? +

Clubs could hold player registration nights at a training session where club administrators can assist their members to sign up.

Remember, players, coaches and officials must be registered before they can participate in a game of basketball so don’t delay in signing up!

When does the membership and licence period start and end? +

The membership runs from 1st September to 31st August.

The National League licences will run from 1st September to 31st May.

How do I pay for my membership and licence cards? +

You will be able to pay for your membership and licence products through the portal, using SagePay. This will require a bank card. Please note the system does not accept American Express.