Basketball England releases Talent Plan and Player Development Framework as part of new Talent System & Pathway

Basketball England has today released two key documents relating to the new Talent System & Pathway for the sport.

Firstly, the Talent Plan is the main document that covers the various parts of the Talent System and Pathway, including Strategic Ambitions, Infrastructure, Programmes, Pillars of Development, Approaches to Coaching and more. The second document, the Player Development Framework (PDF) playbook, details the how’s and why’s of the new Talent Pathway, including best practice drawn from a variety of sources.

Both documents work hand in hand with one another as the overall Talent Plan highlights the various parts and stages of the Talent System & Pathway, whilst the PDF Playbook explains the finer detail and principles that underpin the Talent Plan as a whole.

“I am extremely pleased to be able to share the Talent Plan and Player Development Framework with everyone in the basketball community,” said Basketball England’s Programme & Pathway Integration Manager Charlie Ford. “Utilising the Basketball Development Model research, consultation and the hard work of a number of people in the game, we now have a clear understanding of the key attributes of players at every age and stage of development, how they can then be supported and how improvement builds progressively to maximise the performance of our teams on an International level.”

“The Player Development Framework is not a prescriptive manual or a recipe for immediate success, however, it will provide everyone who plays and supports the game with guidance on the core principles and skills that players should aim to possess.”

“I would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of the people acknowledged in the documents for their contributions in particular to Sergio Lara-Bercial, Manuel Pena-Garces, Samuel Messam, Neasa Russell and Sarah Rowell who were all part of the sub-committee group who have helped shaped the final content of the documents.”

The new Talent System & Pathway gets underway this weekend as the Aspire Programme kicks into gear, supported by the dedicated Regional Talent Managers (RTMs) and Regional Chairs across the country. The Programme’s sessions are important for the development of potential England & Great Britain team players and will continue throughout the 2018/19 season. The objective is to provide quality coaching for 11 to 15-year olds with the emphasis on teaching the principles of basketball as a game and reinforcing the skills necessary to develop better basketball players.

The release of today’s Talent Plan and associated PDF Framework completes a milestone in Basketball England’s Strategic Plan “Growing Basketball Together 2018-2024”, sitting alongside other Game Plans for Officiating and Coaching.

Basketball England is keen to listen to views from those within the game about both the Talent Plan and PDF Framework. To speak to a member of our Performance department, please use the button below.