Basketball England partners with the Steering Clear Campaign

Basketball England has formed a partnership with the Steering Clear Campaign.

The campaign is jointly led by the Government, Marie Collins Foundation and the Internet Watch Foundation to educate and empower young men to navigate the internet safely. The Marie Collins Foundation is a charity which helps support victims of child sexual abuse and the Internet Watch Foundation identify and remove online images and videos of child sexual abuse – and provide a platform for the public to report them anonymously.

To give young men the knowledge on how to navigate the online world safely, the Steering Clear campaign aims to address this by raising awareness of the law: that sexual images or videos of under 18s online are illegal, even if the person featured looks older. If such content is stumbled across, we are encouraged to do the right thing by reporting it anonymously to the Internet Watch Foundation so the content can be swiftly removed. This could ultimately lead to the safeguarding of the victim featured.

More simply, Steering Clear aims to equip young men with the motivation and knowledge they need to confidently and legally navigate their online environment.

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