COACHING WEEK SPOTLIGHT - Zak Missouri, Team Solent Kestrels

UK Coaching has launched the second ever Coaching Week this week by making a #GreatCoachingPledge to help coaches across the nation benefit their communities. To help celebrate, we asked some of the UK's best basketball coaches and players to answer some coaching questions. In our next Coaching Week Spotlight Interview, we spoke to Team Solent Kestrels and England U15 guard, Zak Missouri.



Name: Zak Missouri

Team: Team Solent Kestrels/England U15 Boys


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Ive been playing basketball for around 6 years now, Ive won a National Championship and I play the point guard position.


Who has been your favourite coach to play for so far in your career and why?

My favourite coach to play for so far in my career would definitely be my father, coach Khalid Missouri because he pushes me to reach my potential and always my development as a player rather than focusing on


How have they made you a better player?

Through always telling me straight and giving me opportunities to improve


What do you look for in a coach?

Someone who is firm but fair, easy to talk to and straight talking.


Tell us about a time when a coach has inspired you?

About 20 minutes before the National Final our coach gave our team a speech that hyped our team up and inspired me to leave everything on the court.


What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from your coaches to this point?

I've learnt to cherish every opportunity to play basketball and to enjoy the experiences while I can.


What’s your favourite question to ask your coaches?

What's the next thing to do to improve as a basketball player?


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