Dynamik National Schools Championship

Dynamik National Schools CHAMPIONSHIPS

U17 WOMEN'S FINAL 10:00 - Charnwood V Copleston

U17 Women’s Final
Charnwood College V Copleston High School

We see Charnwood take on Copleston High School in the climax of the under 17 women’s season. Copleston got the first possession in a slow starting game with us waiting 2 minutes for the first score coming from Copleston’s number 13 Esther Little from a euro-step layup. It was then a close quarter with Copleston holding the lead for the whole quarter with it ending at 13 - 17 to Copleston.

Copleston started the 2nd quarter strong with an early 3. The quarter stayed relatively even with a great coast to coast by Charnwood followed by a big block by Charnwood’s number 14 Hannah Dawson created a small run for Charnwood. Copleston then stepped up with their offensive rebounding getting some easy second chance points so they finished the 2nd with a 9-point lead; 21 – 30. With Little leading the way for Copleston with 9 and Dabbs with 6 for Charnwood.

The 3rd quarter saw Copleston step it up a gear and assert their dominance on both ends of the floor with great scoring from both number 10 Charlotte Redhead and number 15 Cameron Taylor-Williams sees it end 30 – 55 in to Copleston.

The fourth quarter sees great defence from Copleston only allowing Charnwood to score 5 points to Copleston’s 12. A great second half performance allowed Copleston to show their class with a huge 35 – 67 point victory.

Charnwood College Top Scorers: L. Dabbs with 11, H. Dawson with 10 and H. Bird with 9

Copleston High School Top scorers: Cameron Taylor-Willis with 17, Charlotte Redhead with 15 and Esther Little with 12

MVP: Cameron Taylor-Willis

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U17 MEN'S FINAL 10:15 - Loreto V Charnwood

U17 Men’s Final
Loreto College V Charnwood College

 An action packed first quarter between Loreto and Charnwood saw Loreto jump out to a quick 8-point lead with an impressive 8 – 0 run which forced Charnwood into an early timeout. Coming out of this timeout Charnwood turned the tables with an amazing 9 – 0 run lead by number 8 Greg Wild and 22 Moyo Adeyeke. The quarter stayed tight from them on with Loreto just edging a 5-point lead at the close of the quarter with the score at 23 – 18.

The second quarter started with both teams trading long range baskets. Then a good use of a press saw Loreto jump out to a 12-point lead mid-way through the quarter. Charnwood then got a few back to back stops as they cut Loreto’s lead to 7 with the half finishing 45 – 38.

The second half started even with both teams trading punches but Loreto slightly increasing their lead to 16. Loreto then decided to take the game over pushing the score out to a 21-point lead in their favour going into the final quarter.

Charnwood come out strong in the last quarter cutting the lead to 16 by mid-way through the quarter through dominant play from number 8 Greg Wild. Charnwood continue their strong play narrowing the gap to single digits after 2 free throws. Number 4 J. Grant then grabs a huge offensive rebound and gets the second chance points to get Loreto back into rhythm. With a minute to go Loreto held a 12-point lead, Charnwood started to foul sending them to the line but, consistent shooting and another huge second chance bucket from J. Grant saw the game finish 92 – 78 in favour of Loreto.

Loreto: J. Grant with 24, L. Gordos with 15 and M. Baokya - Yiodom

Charnwood: Greg Wild with 29, Moyo Adekeye with 14 and Shae Parnell and Akira Harry with 11

MVP: J. Grant for Loreto

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U14 PREMIER FINAL 12:00 - St. Paul's V Northampton

U14 Premier Final
 St. Paul’s Catholic College V Northampton School for Boy’s

The first quarter sees St. Pauls start on a 6 – 0 run but, Northampton recover and change the game with an 8 – 0 run. The quarter then stays very even with St. Pauls finishing with a great run led by number 39 Oscar Curran to finish the quarter 20 – 19.

The second quarter sees St. Pauls continue their run lead by Curran but, Northampton’s number 14 Isaac Round runs the transition well to keep it close with the teams going into the half at 43 – 37. Curran Leading the scoring for St. Pauls with 23 and Round leading Northampton with 15.

St. Pauls start of the half with tough defence a quick steal getting them the first points of the half and this hustle mentality will stay with them for the rest of the game with a dominant performance on the offensive boards by number 40 Iziah Alexander-Price. Round tries to keep Northampton in it with 10 points in the quarter but, St. Pauls number 5 Ben Carter along with continued scoring by Curran sees them extend their lead to 68 – 52 going into the fourth.

The final quarter follows a very similar pattern to the third with Curran and Round leading their respective teams in scoring and on the court but, St. Pauls quality shows in the end with the game ending 88 – 69.

St. Pauls: Curran with 43, Kadan with 19 and Alexander with 14

Northampton: Round with 32, Morrison with 18 and Khalid with 11.

MVP: Oscar Curran for St. Pauls

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U16 PREMIER FINAL 12:15 - Queen's V Christ's 

U16 Premier Final
Queen’s School V Christ’s School

A strong start by Christ’s school see them pull away to an early 4 - 12 lead including a big dunk by number 10 Michael Belle. Queens step up the defensive pressure after a timeout and get the score to 19 – 18 with a great run. This this runs through into the second quarter with Queens finally taking the lead at 29 – 27 after a offensive rebound and put back. The rest of the quarter goes back and fourth with Queens converting 2/2 free throws and then Queen’s number 9 Obed Yeboah scores an add one layup but doesn’t convert the free throw, so Queens go into the break 46 – 42.

Queen’s come out of the break and quickly grow their lead to 8 holding this until Michael Belle from Christ’s schools posterizes one of Queens players on the break for an add one dunk. This energises the team and they narrow the score to 65 – 61 going into the final quarter.

The fourth quarter sees Christs school narrow the lead to 2 with a strong offensive rebound but, Queen’s Yeboah hits a big pull up jumper to extend it back to 4. Queen’s then send Christs school to the line where they convert 1/2, the next possessions sees Christ’s School get a stop and then Bell hits the game tying 3. Christ’s School grow their lead to 6 on the back of strong post play from number 15 Jayden Carvalho. The last 2 minutes of the game go back and fourth with neither team taking control. With 39.9 seconds left on the clock the referees call a technical foul on Belle and Queen’s go to the line for 1 and possession only 3 points behind. They convert of the possession but, must foul and Christ’s convert both from the line and push it back up to a 3-point lead. Christ’s School gets a stop and convert on their possession pushing the lead to 5. Queen’s try to hit a quick 3 but, a huge block by Belle ices the game and Christ’s School wins 82 – 87.

Queen’s School: O. Yeboah with 26, I. Ogundeyi with 24 and S. Riley with 9

Christ’s School: M. Belle with 25, P. Asante with 17 and S. Asante with 16

MVP: Michael Belle

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U19 WOMEN'S FINAL 14:00 - Charnwood V Aylesbury

U19 Women’s Final
Charnwood College V Aylesbury High School

The first quarter starts of very close for the first 5 minutes but, in the second 5 Charnwood begin to show their class stretching the score to 19 – 6 with 3 minutes to go. By the end of the quarter all but one of Charnwood’s players has scored at least once showing great team play to lead to gain their 27 – 10 advantage at the end of the quarter.

A strong run from Aylesbury to start the second sees them close the gap to single digits with 6 minutes to go. Charnwood where scoreless for the first 7 minutes but had a strong finish to the half so they went into the break in a commanding position with the score at 35 – 23.

Charnwood come out of half time and grow the lead to 61 – 35 with Dabbs leading the way by the end of the 3rd quarter.

Aylesbury start with a slight run and narrow the gap to 20. But that’s where it stays with both teams trading buckets or misses. With a minute on the clock Aylesbury get a couple of unanswered scores and the game finishes 74 – 60.

Charnwood: Dabbs with 21, Abbott with 14, Kurickova with 13

Aylesbury: Belsham with 26, Cook with 13 and Ross with 7

MVP: Dabbs

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U19 MEN'S FINAL 14:15 - Myerscough V Whitgift 

U19 Men’s Final
Myerscough College V Whitgift School

Myerscough came out dominate in the first quarter of the game player high pressure defence and causing turnovers allowing them to grow the lead to 22 – 6 on the back of a strong performance from number 6 Sam Akano-Kouame.

The game slows down in the 2nd quarter with both teams not scoring as many points. Myerscough stay very solid defensively and manage to grow the lead to 34 - 16 by the end of the half.

Whitgift come out of the break and try to mount a comeback narrowing the lead to 37 – 28. A foul drew through strong play sees Whitgift go to the line and narrow the lead to 10. There is then a unsportsmanlike foul called on Whitgift and Myerscough convert both free throws and get back on track growing their lead to 50 – 33 going into the 4th.

The 4th saw a scrappy start and it took a few minutes until Myerscough got their transition game flowing with some very good fast break passing. In the end Myerscough win the game on dominant defence 79 – 48.

Myerscough: M. Irvine with 22, H. Ignatowicz with 21, J. Thompson with 8

Whitgift: K. Zielinski with 16, M. Alcindor with 15 and D. Ho with 5

MVP: Hubert Ignatowicz

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