ETP May Camp day two summary

Day two saw the players go straight into technical skill work to build on what they started at the end of day one. The stations today saw the England Talent staff effectively build upon the previous sessions. The drills focused on a variety of key skills such as, shooting of various dribble moves, battling for rebounding position and coming off screens. These sessions saw the players through to the lunch break.  

After lunch the teams had educational sessions with their head coach's. The sessions allowed the coaches to impart their knowledge of the importance of developing yourselves both on and off the court through the sport, one key message was the importance of education in life and progressing in basketball. 

After the education sessions the teams continued with their coaches into the first team specific session of the camp. These sessions gave the coaches the chance to start employing the offensive and defensive systems they want their team to use. During these sessions it allowed for the players to work further on the skills included in the earlier stations.