The Scania Cup is a junior competition which takes place over Easter weekend in Södertälje, Sweden with age groups U12 to U19. Radhouen Foudhaili is a referee who passed his Level 4 qualification this year and was invited on to the Scania Elite Referee Camp, so we caught up with him to hear what he had to say about the experience.


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Name: Radhouen Foudhaili - Level 4 Referee 


What were you most looking forward about the camp?

Going to Scania has been always a special moment for me, meeting my old friends referees, observers and making new ones and being part of the 'Scania family' over there is amazing.


What aspects of your officiating were you looking to work on with whilst over there?

Improve my 3PO officiating was the first aspect I was looking to work on. Officiate with colleagues for the first time, less and more experienced referees, adjust my officiating, adapt it to the crew and learn from them are the main aspects I was expecting from Scania.


Have you been to the tournament before? If so, when?

This is my fourth consecutive time in Scania, I have been going to Scania since 2016.


What were the three key learning points that you will take away from the camp?

1. Shape up the 3PO mechanics.
2. Improve the shot clock/game clock management.
3. Game management.


Which parts of the camp did you enjoy the most.

The lectures led by directors of officiating in the NBA and Euroleague were remarkable. Listening to Lahdo’s (Scania boss) interventions was always funny! And watching the Scania closure short film with all the colleagues in the same room was special.


Would you recommend the camp to other colleagues. If so, why?

Scania is a great opportunity and I highly recommend it. You will improve your officiating, you will have feedback from international instructors and the main thing is, you will enjoy it.