PLAYER SPOTLIGHT - Lucien Christofis, Loughborough Riders

The NBL Weekend Takeover for 2/3 January will see Loughborough Riders take the reins of the NBL Instagram story. 

We caught up with Riders' Lucien Christofis of their takeover weekend, in our latest Player Spotlight feature.



Name: Lucien Christofis

Team: Loughborough Riders - Division One Men


What brought you to the NBL in the first place?

While studying my undergraduate degree at  Loughborough University, Loughborough Student Riders competed in the NBL Division 2 in my first year.


What was your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was the change over from a low NBL league to a higher standard, everything was a lot faster and decisions had to be made a lot quicker.


What changes have you noticed in yourself since joining the NBL?

I have noticed I have become much more aggressive and have to be more mature on how I play. Also creating a strong chemistry within the team is very important for success.


What are you working on right now, what are your current goals?

I am working towards two more championships, the trophy and the playoffs, also to retain our title in BUCS for the fourth time.


What is your favourite NBL memory?

Winning the National Cup Final with the team we have, everyone in Britain didn’t believe we could do it, and we proved everyone wrong.


What advice would you give someone who is just getting started in basketball?

My best advice would be to just enjoy every moment you have on court. Play as much as you can because there is never enough court availability in England.


What do you like to do outside of basketball?

I like to chill with my mates, either play video games or go to the movies.


Finally, who is your favourite British basketball player and why?

My favourite British basketball player is Conor Washington. He is very inspirational, talented, and very positive, he would always give me confidence in my-self to play better.


You can follow Lucien's progress this weekend when Loughborough Riders takeover the NBL Instagram story!