“Players First” for New Basketball England Competition Advisory Group

A new group has been formed with the aim of developing players and increasing standards across all levels of the sport through an improved competition structure.

Basketball England’s Competition Advisory Group, had its inaugural meeting on 25 March and agreed that a “player first” approach should be adopted across the sport at all levels. This would ensure the continued rapid growth of basketball in England whilst improving player development and enjoyment of the game, and reducing cost and travel distances for members. The Group is also keen to improve the standard of venues and the behaviours of those competing in and attending games.

The key tasks for the group are:

  • to develop Basketball England’s long-term league and competition strategy and to make sure it is implemented effectively.
  • to introduce new initiatives and programmes and make sure that any changes made are sustainable over the coming years.
  • Most importantly, to pass important information back to their organisations, clubs, regions and networks to improve communication at all levels.

Basketball England Board Member Russell Bell said: “The team at Basketball England currently oversees a large number of competitions at all ages and levels of the sport. It’s vital that input is sought from those with experience of running teams in those competitions to ensure that they’re organised for the benefit of the players involved first and foremost.”

“The initial meeting of the Advisory Group showed how that input can be gathered and applied quickly, and our thanks go to all who attended for their positive input and insights into how competitions can be run more efficiently with the interests of participants in mind.”

Ipswich Coach and group member Nick Drane added: “It’s an exciting group to be a part of. There is a ton of experience, and a lot of opinions in the room, which is really healthy. We are all on the same side and that’s the side of the players and the sport so this is a really big step.”

Loughborough Coach Krumesh Patel said: “I’m really happy to be invited to this group, and hopefully we can provide good insight to help push British basketball forward in a good direction.”

The Group is made up of representatives from a diverse basketball community across England, boasting experience in National, Educational and Local League competitions at both senior and junior levels. 

They will work alongside other Basketball England advisory groups, such as Coaching, Officiating and Talent Development, to ensure that projects complement the work taking place in other areas of the sport and embraces the concepts of Basketball England’s Player Development Model.

The initial appointments to the Basketball England Competition Advisory Group are:

Karen Goodrich
Nick Drane
Krumesh Patel
James Vear
Jeff Jones
Arbham Giga
Loraine Gayle
Matt Johnson
Russell Bell
Jackson Gibbons