RECAP - 2019 U15 Aspire Tournament (Sunday)

The U15 Aspire Tournament drew to a close today after an outstanding weekend of competition and development at the National Basketball Performance Centre. It was the home side advantage that was the story of the day, as both North West teams did the double wining the Aspire Tournament in front of a packed crowd of friends and family.

North West Boys Head Coach, Tom Stansfield added: "It was a great weekend for the boys. We had a team chat last night about what they needed to do better today, and they came out today absolutely firing. Its one of the strongest depth team Iโ€™ve worked with in a long time which is nice and every one of the kids gave us something for the weekend.โ€

โ€œWith the North West Girls in the Final too, from a regional standpoint and the North West as a whole, it shows we are doing something right. This year we are back at a pinnacle that weโ€™ve not been at for a long time. And to come in and win it, means a massive amount to the kids, theyโ€™ve really enjoyed the Aspire process and its been really good to them.โ€

It was a tough outing for the London Girls who went undefeated in the Pool stage and then all the way to the Finals before falling to the North West Girls 55-32. The winners joined their male counterparts in championship victory as the U15 North West Boys took down the East 72-50 in their Final. In third place for the Boys was the South, who defeated the East Midlands Boys in the playoffs after the North West ended their unbeaten run in the Semiโ€™s. Like the North West teams, the South Girls joined their male associates in winning their 3rd place playoff game as well, and they did so in emphatic style, hitting a huge 3 -pointer with the game tied at 17 seconds to go.

The Shooting Challenge Finals were also held on Sunday, with both boys and girls Finals in the middle of the afternoonโ€™s schedule. The results were as follows:


Bradley May (North West)


Sakay Perkins (London)

With the battle for the Shield (teams ranked 10th-5th) going on throughout the day as well as the all-important Semi-Finals and Finals, the tournament standings can be seen in the NBN23 Global rankings below:


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