RECAP Jr. NBA Yorkshire Y7 Co-Ed Finals

Western Final 

Minnesota Timberwolves / The Morley Academy vs Portland Trailblazers / All Saints Catholic High School

The Portland Trailblazers of All Saints started strongly with some superb shooting skills seeing them storm into a 6-1 lead in the first quarter.

The Morley Academy and their Minnesota Timberwolves hung in with some impressive dribbling skills to keep the ball clear of the free scoring All Saints team and then brought the game back to a first half finish at 9-9. 

The Trailblazers battled back almost immediately after the whistle going 11-9 up and continued to relentlessly attack the Timberwolves basket but they stuck together as a pack to fend off the constant stream of attack.

The scores were levelled up mid-way through the 4th quarter after a great basket from Morley kick starting a flourish of attacking play seeing them take a 3 point lead right at the crucial time.

Portland Trailblazers / All Saints School hit back with 1 out of 2 from the free throw line to take them within 2 points but Morley’s defence stayed resolute and they took home the victory and secured their place in the Jr. NBA final.


eastern Final 

Toronto Raptors / St Aidan's C of E High School vs Boston Celtics / St Mary's Menston

The Raptors started with some strong rebounding as the shots were not not dropping for Celtics. The Celtics displayed some great moves, but the Raptors height advantage caused them some big problems. The Celtics showed some better rebounding but the Raptors end the first quarter up 7 - 2

The second quarter scoring was opened by Celtics but quickly answered by Raptors, with the Raptors scoring off an offensive rebound. 
The Celtics cut the deficit to 5 on a mid range jump shot with the half time score  11-6 in favour of raptors. 

The Raptors open the second half scoring giving a 13-6 lead with the Celtics making some strong plays but shots not dropping. 
The Celtics get to freethrow line but don't covert. The Raptors extend their lead again with strong inside play and lead the 3rd 17-6 entering the 4th.

Both teams saw back and forth play in the 4th quarter going scoreless until the last 2 minutes when the Raptors finally convert as the Celtics try to hang on and lower the deficit by upping intensity but just can't convert. The game ends Raptors 19-6.

3rd/4th place Final

Portland Trailblazers / All Saints Catholic High School vs Boston Celtics / St Mary's Menston

Portland open the scoring, swiftly followed by the Celtics finding their way back to.the free throw line, but can't convert. 
Celtics answer with a layup plus the foul and take a 4-2 lead but the Trailblazers answer with a nice mid range jump shot.
End of first quarter 4-4

Trailblazer open the scoring in the second with a strong baseline drive and the Celtics answer by spouting a pair of free throws.
Another mid range shot from trailblazer extends the lead to 3 with the Celtics again struggling to rebound, letting Portland capitalise by scoring on the offensive rebound. The Trailblazers again score close to basket and the Celtics try to cut the lead by shooting 3s. 
Celtics hit a big 3 and reduce the deficit to 4. Half time 12-8 to Portland trailblazer

Another baseline drive converted by the Trailblazers builds a 6pt lead and another offensive rebound extends to 8. Portland go 4 more unanswered and the points have built up a 12pt lead. End of the third quarter sits at 20-8 for Trailblazers. 

4th quarter  - Celtics find their way back to the free throw line but  can't convert and the Trailblazers continue to push the lead.  
Celtics reach the baseline and score with a jump shot, but its not enough and the Trailblazers command a 16 point lead. 
The Celtics attempt a comeback from the free throw line but they are just not dropping. Game ends 28-10 to the Portland Trailblazers. 


jr. nba Final

Toronto Raptors / St Aidan's C of E High School vs Minnesota Timberwolves / The Morley Academy

The Toronto Raptors flew out the blocks with 4 quick baskets, racing into an 8-0 lead. The Timberwolves looked to stage a comeback with their first points coming from the free throw line, but it only seemed to fire up the Toronto Raptors as they finished the half with a 12-1 lead.
The Timberwolves attempted to kick start their revival with a quick basket but the Raptors flew back down the court to extend their lead once more. Morley again had the opportunity to close the gap at the free throw line but were unable to convert and went into the final quarter with a 3-17 deficit. 

The forth started with a back and forth, both teams had opportunities on the basket but were unable to capitalise. In the final seconds the Raptors side broke down court and finally made the basket which put the icing on the cake and saw them claim the Jr. NBA Yorkshire title by a score of 19-3.