Black Lives Matter: Statement from Basketball England CEO Stewart Kellett

Basketball England stands with our players, coaches and whole community against racism. 

We celebrate and enjoy diversity in our sport and will use our platform to speak out against injustice.  

These were the words we posted on our social channels this week following the horrific death of George Floyd in the USA. 

But we – and all in society – must do more to actively oppose racism here in the UK and beyond

Our game stands for equality and inclusivity and our community, home to so many Black and Ethnic Minority members, deserves to hear us reassert our commitment to it.  

We are doing that here. 

We pledge to play our part in opposing hate. 

We want to hear the voices of our Black and Ethnic Minority players, coaches, teammates and colleagues. To amplify those voices, to listen, to support. 

We will be reaching out to members, listening to the conversations sparked by another horrific and needless death and standing with our community in confronting racism and hate. 

Together we are basketball.

Stewart Kellett, CEO of Basketball England 

We want to promote increased awareness in the fight to oppose racism. Below are some resources and organisations to consider using or supporting.   



Basketball England

Basketball England is committed to protecting and tackling discrimination and ensuring that no employee, job applicant, volunteer or member receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of the protected characteristics of race, including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins. 

If you experience any form of discrimination in basketball, or want any issues or queries to be heard, contact us at [email protected]