RTP: Basketball England symptom checker app and PPE offer

Basketball England has teamed up with two companies to further support to clubs with our Return to Play (RTP) plans.

Proactive and Fit4Sport will both provide Basketball England members with additional benefits to help players, coaches and officials to get back on court as soon as possible.

The Digital Covid-19 Symptom Checker from Proactiveprovides a simple, digital application to enable team managers and coaches to manage their players' self-assessment prior to every training session or match. 

Fit4Sport have offered Basketball England clubs 10% off all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other medical related supplies when brought online using a code.

The Proactive app can be used on mobile phones and smart devices

Confidence in RTP

The approaches by both companies relates to the confidence external bodies have regarding the BE RTP.   

Basketball England's Head of Physiotherapy and Sports Science Andy Howse said: "We believe these offers will allow clubs a quick and secure way of starting their screening process and once players do reach the court they will be better protected. 

"We would, however, stress that at screening there is still a requirement to make sure that each player and member of staff has their temperature read at the time of arriving to the training session.  This should be conducted on site and is an important part of our RTP guidance."

Digital solutions

The Proactive Digital Covid-19 Symptom Checker was recommended by Howden’s, Basketball England's insurance broker. The appprovides a simple, digital application track and manage self-assessments prior to taking part in basketball activity.  

Participants need to self assess before every training session or match to ensure they are fit to attend and participate.  

Through the app, coaches have access to a group dashboard showing completed checks as well as notifications in the event that a participant is recorded as showing symptoms or restricted from participation. 

The app provides a secure and safe way to manage the data protection risks associated with collecting such information and is a low cost option starting at just £2 per club. To sign up to the dedicated BE checker or for more information, please use the buttons below.


Market leaders

Fit4Sport, one of the country’s leading medical suppliers to the sports industry, have offered Basketball England clubs 10% off all PPE and other medical related supplies when brought online using the code BBEPPE10. 

They are able to supply a very large range of all PPE equipment required by clubs to adhere to current BE RTP guidelines. 

The company also stocks a large catalogue of items including tapes and strappings, supports, thermometers, bags and kits, dressings and much more.

To visit the Fit4Sport website, please use the button below.