Safeguarding: Basketball England receive recognition from CPSU following annual review

Basketball England’s improved safeguarding standards have been recognised by the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU).

The rigorous annual review, which is conducted on a five-point system, rated the organisation as a four, with some areas scoring five out of five.

The outcome is an improvement on the rating of last season, with recognition amongst other things that BE has improved the safe recruitment process through the introduction of the membership portal.

Following the review, Basketball England is rated as a ‘Strong Good’ organisation by CPSU

A new rating system

The ratings system and criteria were recently changed by CPSU to encourage sports to set even higher standards for safeguarding policies, education and athlete welfare.

With a previous three-step red, amber, green rating system, a number of governing bodies, including BE, were consistently awarded a green rating.

That led CPSU to create a new wider rating system, with five levels in each area.

The outcome of this year’s review showed Basketball England is rated as a ‘Strong Good’, with some areas rated as ‘Very Good’.

Basketball England’s Safeguarding and Compliance Manager Laura Middleton said: “We are pleased with the feedback from the CPSU this year as it recognises the efforts being made throughout the sport to safeguard children and report concerns.

“The welfare of children remains of paramount importance and we need to maintain and improve standards in order to work towards achieving the highest rating in this area.

“We are committed to ensuring that all children who participate, whether they be players, officials or other volunteers, can take part in an enjoyable, safe and supportive environment.”

Thanks to all in the game

Over the coming year, the organisation will focus on being more proactive with education and training, increasing engagement with regional and local welfare officers and working together to ensure children have an influence on their environment and the sport. 

Basketball England extends sincere thanks for the supportive and vigilant approach which is being taken across the country by volunteers, partners, clubs and associations.

In particular, thanks should go to club welfare officers whose commitment and dedication is making a significant impact on the safety of young people in the game.