80th Basketball England AGM - 2022 agenda and documents

Basketball England’s 80th Annual General Meeting will take place online on Monday 31 January, 2022 (7-8pm). 

BE will also be running director elections during this years’ AGM in which full members are entitled to vote.  

A full member is defined as an affiliated Basketball England club. Votes are cast via each full member club's voting representative.

Director elections

All voting will be undertaken electronically through the independent election services organisation, UK Engage, who have provided democratic election services in the UK for many years.  

UK Engage will email the voting representative we have on our system for each club on 10 January with details of the nominations and how to cast a vote.

Full members will have until 5pm on Friday 28 January 2022 to cast their vote. Anyone who has not received this email and believes they you should have, please contact [email protected] before 5pm on Thursday 27 January 2022. We will be unable to amend details after this date.

The result of the election will be announced at the AGM.

Resolutions, attendance and proxy attendance

Full members are also entitled to vote on resolutions at the BE AGM on 31 January 2022.

In order to confirm attendance to the AGM, as either an observer or voting representative, attendees must email [email protected] before 5pm on Friday 28 January 2022 stating name and capacity (observer or voting representative). BE cannot guarantee entry into the meeting without confirmation of attendance.

Anyone attending as a voting representative, should download the ‘Declaration of Rights to Vote’ form below, complete it and email it to [email protected] before 5pm on Friday 28 January 2022. BE cannot guarantee entry into the meeting without confirmation of attendance through this process.

Proxies may attend and vote on behalf of full members. Proxies must be a non-voting member as no person is permitted to make representation or exercise a vote in more than one capacity. To send a proxy, download and complete the ‘Designation of Alternative Representation’ form below and email it to [email protected] before 5pm on Friday 28 January 2022. We cannot guarantee a proxy will be let into the meeting if they have not confirmed attendance through this process.



All questions must be submitted in advance of the meeting to [email protected] before 5pm on Friday 28 January 2022. Questions submitted later than this will not be accepted.

The Zoom link to the meeting will be emailed to those individuals who have confirmed attendance half an hour before start of the AGM.

Below are the 80th AGM agenda, minutes of the 79th AGM, BE accounts for 2020/21 (these are in draft form and will be updated as soon as soon as possible) and the 2020/21 Annual Report.