Calling all clubs! The National Sports Network needs you

Basketball England is joining the National Sports Network’s campaign to help everyone get a taste of sport for free.

Backed by one of the UK’s leading supermarkets, the purpose of the campaign is to get people from all social and economic backgrounds into sport and physical activity – offering a wide choice of sports to try throughout the UK.

If your club delivers basketball sessions, you can support the initiative before it begins, and, in turn, grow basketball participation and promote your club by signing up to be a partner through the self-registration portal. 

The campaign will run from the 19 June 2023 – 31 July 2023, when the name of supermarket involved will be revealed.

How does it work?

Once your club has signed up to become a National Sports Network partner, it will be added to a network of like-minded clubs, organisations, companies, and associations ready to offer new people a taste of sport.

The requirement is for clubs to provide one free child and/or one adult trial basketball lesson or session at a time that suits, when there is capacity.

Customers who participate in the promotion – by spending £30 or more at the supermarket – will be able to download a voucher and redeem (until the 31 March 2024) their sports session offer at your venue.

Signing up is easy, simply complete your details to register as a partner. Participation is completely free.

Every individual venue, club, partner, organisation can set their own terms and conditions so that it fits in with your current schedule.

What are the key benefits to your club?

  • A free opportunity to advertise your club in your local area and on a national scale, leading to repeat visits and increased footfall
  • Attract new members who have not participated in basketball before or whom may not have been aware of you
  • No marketing cost to you

Interested in taking part? Hit the button below to register your club.


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