Academy Leagues: DiSE Progression Camp set to get underway this week

The first-ever DiSE Progression Camp for basketball is set to get underway this week. 

Taking place at the University of Loughborough on 15 February 2024, the camp will bring together DiSE students from across Elite Academy Basketball League (EABL) and the Women’s Elite Academy Basketball League (WEABL) programmes to support their development. 

The day will comprise of an array of micro-teaching sessions to engage and stimulate the DiSE athletes, covering areas such as athletic development, athlete learning, and the sharing of good practice. 

The camp will begin with a session from Leicester Riders and GB international Kimbal Mackenzie. 

Basketball England’s Talent Programme & Pathway Manager Sam Messam said:

"Our DiSE Progression Camp is an opportunity for all DiSE Athletes to come together in pursuit of excellence, both on and off the court.

"The camp is supported by an array of academic, athlete support, and professional staff, as well as the current GB youth team coaches.

"We are particularly pleased to have the support of the Royal Navy and our Athlete Management System partners – Sideline Sports."

Players will be involved in on court group sessions led by GB Youth Team coaching staff, including offensive and defensive Moments of the Game, for the 272 DiSE athletes in attendance. 

Performance profiling with BE's Strength & Conditioning lead Mark Williams, an academic research study into attrition in youth basketball athletes and a Nutrition seminar with Commonwealth Games nutritionist Tilly Spur will also be on the agenda.

Royal Navy will be on hand to offer destination guidance, with Athlete Management System (XPS) assistance and Athletic Support from Talented Athlete Support Services (TASS) also lined up.

Cardiac screening will be available to all DiSE athletes who have not yet undertaken that process. 

DiSE coaches will also be in attendance at the camp with their own schedule, including sessions on a League and Competitions review, GB Youth Team discussions and further learning on coach development. 

The sessions will enable the Basketball England Talent Team to collect performance data, provide information related to the DiSE qualification, gauge on-court performance improvements and discuss options post-DiSE qualification achievement.

Most of the 14 DiSE Partnerships will be in attendance to hear key messages from across the elite sport landscape.

Also in attendance will be Fiona Pimbleton, GB Performance Director, who will be meeting with the DiSE Partnership coaches and Directors of Basketball to talk performance sport, the GB Youth Teams, and how the DiSE Partnerships can support a basketball performance agenda. 

In total, nine national/international organisations and forty five sport professionals/support staff will be on site to guide and direct the elite DiSE athletes through their development and into the second half of the Academy season.  

About DiSE 

The Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) programme is a two-year, Department for Education (DfE) funded programme. It is a unique sporting qualification designed to meet the needs of student athletes who exhibit the potential to achieve excellence in their sport.  

The DiSE is a two-year education programme which is delivered alongside a conventional state funded study programme of education or training for students aged 16-18 years and those students aged 19-24 years who have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan. 

In basketball, DiSE students compete in the EABL and WEABL.