BE Awards 2023: Steve Lallament Referee of the Year

Kiran Wiltshire is the winner of the 2023 Steve Lallament Referee of the Year award.

A standout official in the East Midlands and beyond, Wiltshire has made an impact on all that have come across her.

While her ability as an official is obviously impressive, it is other intangibles that her set apart in 2023.

That includes her ability to work with players, especially junior ones, to further their understanding of the game, and her interactions with coaches in sometimes heated situations.

Support and help for those around her

Refereeing is a tough job, and even making the right calls can have many disagreeing with you.

That said, it is a true testament to Wiltshire's approach that more than one nomination for her award labelled her 'one of the friendliest officials' that people have come across.

Her emotionally intelligent way of helping junior players earned her plenty of plaudits, often bringing some frayed minds back to a much calmer level rather than jumping straight for technical fouls.

Most award winners are nominated within their region, with local nominators making a case for why a winner's work should receive a deserving spotlight.

For Wiltshire, more than one of her nominations came from outside of the East Midlands, with travelling teams also being impressed by her officiating and general personality.

"More than once I've witnessed her managing situations where emotions are running high by taking extra time to speak to the players in a calm, collected way," said Manchester Mystics head coach Rob Fairley.

"Equally, her management of coaches is second to none. She clearly explains calls, even when coaches, including myself, do not agree, managing expectations in a clear and fair way. 

"It's also worth highlighting that she has shown she can also manage and support her co-officials really well. On occasions where her co-official is new, nervous or perhaps less comfortable than her, she has helped them by checking their calls in supportive way, helping without undermining." 

Congrats to Kiran on her recognition, and well done to Scott Charlesworth from Yorkshire and Matthew Reynolds from the West Midlands for also making the final shortlist.

Wiltshire's award continues the second week of a two week period where national recipients of the 2023 Basketball England Awards are being announced.

Winners from across BE's ten regions were announced in March, with those recipients then shortlisted to narrow down the field for each national winner.

Wiltshire and others will be recognised for their achievements over the coming days, leading up to another cohort of selections receiving the prestigious Services to Basketball award on Sunday, 9 June 2024.