BE Awards 2023: Teacher of the Year

Arran Hayes is the winner of the 2023 Teacher of the Year award.

Recognised for his amazing efforts at the Sirius Academy North in Yorkshire, Hayes runs the basketball team within the school and has turned it into the most successful school team in Hull.

Alongside that, he has also set up a weekend team based at the school, opening it up to young players from the local community regardless of attendance at the Academy.

Amazing opportunities

The on-court success of the projects shouldn't be overstated, with local players being given a chance to shine and grow into players with regional and national aspirations.

Off the court, the teams provide young players with the opportunity to grow and develop as people in a community that has had its share of problems, including youth crime and poverty.

"Arran has given these players an amazing opportunity," said Grimsby Phoenix Head Coach Mark Stinson.

"Some of these players come from tough backgrounds, they've suffered abuse and emotional issues every day. He has provided a safe place for them to come, vent and develop.

"These players now have the opportunity to play basketball at a level where they will be noticed by other teams, plus colleges and universities.

"Alongside that, he has also helped them develop into outstanding members of our community."

Basketball really does have the ability to change lives. A huge congratulations goes out to Hayes for all his hard work, and to South West's Jack Staynings and East's Diana Naydenova-Goryanova for also making the shortlist for this year's national award.

Hayes' recognition continues a two week period where national recipients of the 2023 Basketball England Awards are being announced.

Winners from across BE's ten regions were announced in March, with those recipients then shortlisted to narrow down the field for each national winner.

Hayes and others will be recognised for their achievements over the coming days, leading up to another cohort of selections receiving the prestigious "Services to Basketball" award on Sunday, 9 June 2024.