Class of 2024: DiSE graduation ceremony - gallery

The graduation ceremony for the class of 2024 DiSE athletes took place on 3 July at the University of Loughborough.  

One hundred and thirty-two graduates, players in the Elite Academy Basketball League (EABL) and Women’s Elite Academy Basketball League (WEABL), earned themselves the Diploma in Sporting Excellence qualification and enjoyed a day of celebration and keynote speeches from London Lions and and Great Britain forward Shequila Joseph and Danny Evans, professional player and skills coach.

Danny Evans (left) and Shequila Joseph (right) gave key note talks to the graduates

Sam Messam said:  

“The Diploma in Sporting Excellence offers the most talented 16-19-year-old basketball athletes the opportunity to explore not only their athletic ability, but also their academic prowess. This year's DiSE graduation event celebrated the duality of these talented young people and acknowledges their effort, hard work and commitment to pursuing a professional career within the game, underpinned by an educational profile.

"Many of these graduates will now look to their next stop in their developmental journey, which may include an American college, a UK university, or a third year in a bid to bolster their playing position." 

About DiSE 

The Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) programme is a two-year, Department for Education (DfE) funded programme. It is a unique sporting qualification designed to meet the needs of student athletes who exhibit the potential to achieve excellence in their sport.

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