WNBL: D1W standout doing her bit for cancer research

"I want to play my part, however small it is, in working towards a world where cancer is not a life ending diagnosis, instead it’s just a momentary bump in the road."

City of Birmingham Rockets' Heather Maxwell will be taking on an ambitious fundraising effort this August, as she swaps her basketball gear for running shoes, getting out and about to raise money for a very worthy cause.

The former Reading Rockets player has set herself the goal of running 100km in August across seven days, with six days of running 10km and a marathon on the final day.

Maxwell in action for CoB (Charlie_Fitz1)

I HATE running!

The young forward is aiming to raise funds for vital research through Cancer Research UK, and has already secured £210 towards her goals.

The money received is used towards kitting out research labs, helping to identify early cancer signs, working on quicker diagnoses, understanding DNA errors and much more.

"I am very fortunate to have had love ones who have heard the magical words they are cancer free, but I have also unfortunately known loved ones that weren’t so lucky," said Maxwell via the story on her fundraising page.

"I started training in May, which was 13 weeks before my challenge. To put this into context, I am just coming off a fractured leg and knee injury which saw me in a brace for eight weeks , so I haven’t done any cardio, let alone running, in 12 weeks.

"To add to that I am asthmatic, and most importantly, I HATE running with my whole soul!

"The pain I will go through is nothing compared to that of losing a loved one, hence I decided the best way for me to be able to raise as much money as I can was to go big!

"I would be enormously grateful for any donations from across the basketball community, and if there is someone you want me to do this in memory of drop me a message on my fundraising page as I plan on running the marathon with a top covered in names to commemorate those who have fought and continue to fight."

To find out more about Maxwell's efforts and to make a invaluable donation, click the button below.



Main image credit - Charlie_Fitz1