Starting & Affiliating a club

If there are no basketball clubs in your area and you’re committed to starting and running one, then this is the place for you. This section tells you what you need to know about how to set up a club, how to become part of Basketball England and how to make sure once your club is up and running, it’s buzzing with players eager to play, have fun and possibly compete.

1.    The first thing to do is find a court, which you can search for on this page. If you already know there is a group of you interested in playing, try to negotiate a price at your chosen venue - you don’t get if you don’t ask! More information on finding the right facility can be found here. Then it’s simple, get down there and have some fun!

2.    You can’t have a basketball club without someone to help players develop, so you will need to make sure there is at least one appropriately qualified coach available and willing to commit to the club. We run coaching and officiating courses throughout the year, so get in touch and we can let you know which ones are the best for you and your club to meet the minimum standards you need.

3.    Insurance...we know it’s not the most exciting of subjects, but you need to have it and there’s no getting around it!  It’s simple - all you need to do is contact us, tell us you’re starting a new team/club, affiliate your players and coaches to Basketball England (for all affiliation fees visit the membership section) that’s it, job are insured and affiliated to us.

4.    Finding funding can sometimes be tough, especially for a new club.  Local authorities and County Sports Partnerships may be able to help in some way. You can find your County Sports Partnership here.

5.    You’re probably going to need some help to organise things and making decisions – you can’t do everything on your own!  Gather a small group of volunteers within the club who are willing to chip in and help out.

6.    Bank account – seems simple but easy to forget with everything else to organise (make sure you can get two signatures on the account, your bank can help with setting this up).

7.    OK, so you’ve done the basics. You have a court, insurance, qualified coaches and a few keen players. You need more. This is where marketing your club comes in, through links with schools, fliers and posters, social media, contacting local print and radio news. Why is your club the one people should go to?...Sell it!

You can find more information on Club Marketing, Club People, Club Finance and Club Management on the Club Matters website.


Why should I affiliate to Basketball England? There are loads of reasons why clubs should affiliate with us.

BE safe:
-    You will receive public liability insurance of up to £5million.

BE official
-    We will provide referees at your local league games

BE excited
-    We have a host of member benefits with leading brands to offer all members

BE informed
-    We offer development workshops for members throughout the year, as well different levels of coaching and officiating courses.

BE supported
-    You have access to support from us both regionally and nationally whenever you need it. Whether this is affiliation, marketing, coaching or financial advice – we are here to help. You are our members and we want to look after you as well as we can.

How do I affiliate to Basketball England?

This bit is simple. Go to our online registration system. Log in as your club (your details should be sent to you when you register) and follow the prompts to register your club, officials and players to become members with us. Once we have received payment, we will send you a summary of what you have registered and there you go...done!

Still have questions? Email our memberships team.

BE a member.
BE part of our team.