Basketball in Education

We are working really hard to offer as many children in primary, secondary, higher and further education the best opportunities to enjoy basketball and carry on playing once their education days are over.

Junior NBA League

We are really excited to partner with the NBA on a junior league for secondary schools in London in the 2014/2015 season.

National Schools Competition

We currently run the Dynamik National Schools Competition, with age groups from U13 all the way up to U19 for both girls and boys.


We want as many people to play basketball as possible. We also want them to keep playing for as long as possible.

Satellite Clubs

These clubs are a great way to be involved with basketball outside of school, but not have that big commitment of joining a club.


Secondary school...when children start to grow and become young adults. So, how do we give these young people the best experience of basketball we can so they stay with us and continue to play well into their adult life?