BE 3x3

3x3 Basketball is an easy to run social opportunity for all which you can run within your school, college, or university.

This game is enormously popular around the globe; from kids playing in the park to fully organised FIBA competition. All you need to do is get involved! Find some players, find a hoop, find a ball, and get playing!

We encourage everyone to get involved no matter what level you play at. To help you get started, we have created a set of basic guidelines to help you run 3x3 games. As an added bonus, we've made a really handy league creator tool to start you off and take away all the leg work from organising a basic competition! If you're already a 3x3 pro, why not take your game further and look at the official FIBA 3x3 guidelines to give you a more in depth overview of the official rules.

For further guidance please contact