What is Local League?

If you love basketball and want to play regularly with friends in a team environment, but aren’t quite ready for the financial, training or travelling commitment of our National League set up, there are local leagues all over the country where people of every level can play and compete to a high standard, enjoy themselves and improving their game..

There are a few differences between Local and National League; generally speaking (but not always) the level of ability can be higher at our National League teams and there is usually more commitment required because teams can travel all around the country in the National League.

Local Leagues are just that, you play teams in your local area or region. Some local leagues can play all their matches in just 1 venue, but some span across pretty vast areas so expect to travel a bit!

Don’t misunderstand us though, there are Local League teams in England which are of an extremely high standard, but have decided the National League isn’t for them. If you’re serious about competing to a high level in basketball, but those little factors of life don’t allow you the time and financial commitment of entering the National League you can most definitely still get your fix and be satisfied with your basketball experience by playing in a Local League.

From complete beginners picking up a ball up for the first time to National League and professional players hanging up their elite jersey (and everything in between), Local League basketball can provide a fantastic experience for everyone who wants to play. It can also help people achieve whatever their personal goals are, whether this is to get fit, have fun with friends, compete, or improve and transition into our own National League.

There are loads of local leagues set up all throughout the country and they vary in ability, competitiveness and level of commitment required. Some teams train, some teams just turn up and play, some local leagues arrange all venues and referees and some have ‘home and away’ fixtures.

But what we are sure of is Local League teams love to see new players at their clubs and we’re confident there will be a team local to you which can help you get where you want to be. Whether that is competitive game experience, improvement in skills, getting fit or widening your social circles, Local League is where the majority of our members experience basketball.

How it works

If you play in local league, you will pay an affiliation fee to your club. These will then be paid to your Local League Association, who will then transfer the money to us...And that’s it – welcome to the Basketball England Club.

If you are a club official go to the membership section to view prices to affiliate.

Along with this, there are a whole host of other benefits you can access now you are a member. Discounts, offers and prizes are available from market leaders such as NBA, Under Armour and Sporting Pro!