Where do I play?

So we’ve told you a bit about the basics and how to play basketball, what ways you can play and some initiatives to get you started, but where do we play you ask?! Well, here is all the information you will need on where you can play, what a court should look like and how to find your nearest indoor and outdoor facility.
Find your nearest facility by entering your nearest town or post code in our search function!

Different types of facility

We’re lucky here at basketball because we can play indoor or outdoor, so there are loads of options for us to play in a variety of different facilities depending on what type of experience we want. Our clubs in England tend to use indoor facilities so they are able to play their fixtures no matter the weather. There are certain regulations for our National League fixtures which dictate the size of the court and equipment, so this is also another reason why clubs playing in these leagues play indoor basketball. The floor will normally be made from wood or synthetic material and provides a safe surface for players to compete, train and practice on.

Outdoor courts are great because they are often free to use, so if you and your friends want to get together and have a go without the commitment of hiring an indoor court an outdoor court could be the place to start. There are loads of outdoor courts, probably some you’ve never knew existed before, so if you’re interested in an informal practice or want to play with friends then you can look for outdoor facilities using the search function.

If you’re interested in looking at the official specification of our courts and equipment you can get more information, FAQ’s, guidance documents and our plan for developing facilities for the coming years you can download the relevant documents to the right of this page.

Facilities strategy

Our facilities plan for 2015-17 will focus on improving indoor court availability and access, understanding and improving the ‘quality’ for both indoor and outdoor facilities and improving the availability of information on places to play both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor facilities guidance

In this section is all the information you will need if you're planning on creating or refurbishing an indoor basketball court.

Planning is essential! The Developing the Right Sports Hall guide should be used by anyone wanting to develop a new basketball facility.

This guide will help you put together a strong sporting and business case for building or upgrading a sports hall and should be used with the sports data sheet for basketball.

The latest court markings and equipment specifications are available to download from the Court Marking and Equipment Specification guidance.

If you are wanting to use a facility for one of our NBL competitions you can use this document to check it meets the required standards.

Dynamik Sports Floors are the leading suppliers and installers of quality wood and synthetic indoor sports floors. They have installed floors at several basketball venues throughout England including University of Worcester, and the University of East London which was used as a games time training venue by the Team USA men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Dynamik Sport Floors are preferred Sports Floor Specialists of Basketball England. Whether you require a brand new floor, new line markings, repair or care advice, Dynamik Sport Surfaces can help.

In our Related downloads section above we have guides put together by Dynamik in conjunction with Basketball England providing guidance on sports floor maintenance, line markings, floor protection, life cycle and after care. There’s also a Frequently Asked Questions section which answers the most common flooring queries. Should you have any further flooring queries do not hesitate to get in touch with Sarah at Dynamik on 0117 301 5120 or email sarah@dynamiksport.co.uk.