Slam Jam Parents

Slam Jam gives your child a fun and exciting introduction into basketball in a safe environment.

The programmes run for 6 – 12 weeks and are packed with fun games, competitions and activities led by activators who are fully trained and provide a safe and fun environment for your child to play basketball.

Here are some great benefits to the programme

  • Skill development – dribbling, shooting, passing
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Movement
  • Physical literacy
  • Enjoyment

Top tips for parents

  • Practice with your children at home and encourage them to play with friends
  • Get to know the reward scheme and help your child to practise the skills
  • Explain fair play values and sportsmanship
  • Focus on performance and effort instead of results. Ask “How did you play?” or “Did you have fun?”
  • Help your child to understand that respect for the rules, opponents and officials is part of playing and enjoying the game.

Slam Jam Rewards

Each week children earn stickers for their reward cards. They are ideal for children of all standards and children go through the cards at their own pace. Stickers can be collected for attendance, skills and teamwork.

The reward cards are a great way of retaining players in the game and help children to learn in stages.

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