The Player Development Framework (PDF) sets out the fundamental principles of the game at every age and stage and calls for coaches to adopt a ‘Developing Game Awareness’ approach.

The PDF aims to achieve four key targets (Enjoyment, Knowledge, Learning & Talent) and, by nurturing such positive attributes and values, shall subsequently aid and assist the advancement of:

  • A ‘Game Model’ that is fluid and ‘fit’ for today and tomorrow’s game.
  • A focus on playing as opposed to early specialisation into playing positions.
  • Thinking that is based on long-term success and moves beyond a ‘peaking by Saturday’ mentality. The goal is future world-class performance.
  • Effective coaching to promote thriving within Game Models and technical competencies.

The PDF will be delivered with five Development Pillars at its core – these pillars have been identified as key areas of focus from the findings of the Basketball Development Model (BDM).

Broadly speaking, the Pillars of Delivery centre around the belief that a basketball player is Committed, Game Aware, a Skilled Technician, Physically Robust and a Persistent Performer during the four ‘Moments of the Game’ shown below:

A full breakdown of just how the PDF, with its associated Pillars of Delivery, works in principle will be launched during September 2018.

For further information about the Player Development Framework, please contact: