Physical Robustness

We care about you and your athletic performance.

We want to see everyone in basketball play in the best shape they can to enjoy the game, and to make sure you don’t get injured.

In line with the Basketball England Robustness Pillar of the Player Development Framework we have designed a number of conditioning programmes that will keep you active and target areas we commonly know may lead to injury. Research shows us that if you are fitter and stronger, your time on the court increases as you do not get injured as much and you are able to outperform other players. 

You will enjoy your basketball more as your performance increases.


This 4 week programme takes you back to basics, working on flexibility and stability.  This is a must to maintain good movements throughout your life.

After 4 weeks of this programme you should have gained increased muscle strength through a number of key basketball related areas of the body.

Ever wanted to out jump your opposition?  Use these exercises within your training week to target the muscles that will increase your jump power.

Children will love to learn to move in different ways with this programme.  Building in movements that will improve their basketball at the same time as being enjoyable will aid every child out there.

Most athletes will do exercise almost every day of the week. In the above programmes we are focusing on increasing your strength, your agility, your cardio fitness and your flexibility. Most sessions will take around 30-40mins to complete. You should do a warm-up before each exercise. Each exercise is linked to a video of the exercise you can watch to make sure you are doing them correctly and safely.

Starting Five Performance Enhancement Programme

Basketball England’s new Starting Five Performance Enhancement programme is designed to help players prepare for action. 

The downloadable and printable poster below is for clubs and leagues to utilise and illustrates how individuals can engage specific muscles and joints in order to reduce injury risk and also increase basic movement skills. 

Building on the success of the Athletic Development Programme and the research conducted by BE Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach Mark Williams, this functional warm-up aims to help coaches and players get comprehensive basketball-specific preparation for playing and training.     

Research showed coaches realise basic fundamental movement patterns are vital for performance benefits, however they were unsure of how to coach them.   

The exercises within Starting Five will address a number of these areas. BE hopes the players will develop over time, becoming more competent with all the attributes to become a robust player aligning with the BE Robustness Pillar on the Player Development Framework. 

The Starting Five targets 5 areas: 

  • Movement - fundamental patterns 
  • Stance - preparing the body 
  • Bounce - challenge jumping and landing skills 
  • Drive - acceleration and deceleration 
  • Transition - ready for training



Alternative Training

It is well known that a lot of high level performers have enjoyed different sports prior to them achieving their goals in their sport. We understand that for most people, having a wide variety of different movement skills is extremely useful for basketball players to give them abilities to avoid injury situations or even out-play an opponent. With this in mind, Mark Williams, Head of Strength and Conditioning, has been recording workouts with individuals from different sports, but always with a link back to basketball. Click on these links to take part in some training experiences that will improve your basketball performance.

Your Health

Please do not start the programme if you are currently injured. We would advise getting a professional to look at your injury and to advise the best course of action. 

Please do let your medical practitioner know if you are in any pain during or after these exercises. Some people may find aching in the muscles the day after doing exercises for the first time. This is quite normal and is known in the medical world as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). If you experience this you may want to not train as hard the following day but be very mindful of good recovery options and good nutrition.

If you are recovering from COVID-19 and you are still experiencing some respiratory symptoms we would ask that you consult with your medical practitioner to get advice on whether you are able to take part in some or all of the programme.    

Other things to aid your physical robustness:


Basketball England cannot be held responsible for injury whilst doing these programmes.  Taking part in the programmes is at your own risk.  You should be confident to complete all exercises in the prescribed manner as the programme advises.  Should you require further help to complete the exercises, please talk to your coach or medical practitioner or contact