Aspire Programme

The Aspire programme for talented 11-15-year-olds has undergone a reset ahead of the upcoming 2021/22 season.

The new structure will utilise the new super-region model and will be delivered through camp-based activity throughout the year.

The objective is to provide quality coaching across 2007-2011-born players, reinforcing Basketball England’s Player Development Framework and the Aspire curriculum.

There is also a nomination process for clubs to highlight age-appropriate players for the Aspire programme. Further details are at the bottom of the page.

Camp Dates and Activity

The camp dates for the coming season are as follows:

Stage 1 – Aspire Skills Camps (regional)

All Aspire participants will be involved in camp activity within their region between October and April.

October Half Term (Window: Mon 25 Oct - Fri 29 Oct)
Christmas Break (Window: Sun 19 Dec - Fri 31 Dec)
February Half Term (Window: Mon 14 Feb - Fri 25 Feb)
Easter Break (Window: Sat 9 Apr - Fri 15 Apr)

All camps are scheduled to be conducted on weekdays where possible, avoiding any potential clashes with National League activity.

Stage 2 – Aspire Super Region Camps

Selected players from the Aspire Skills Camps will move on to one of four super region camps between April and June.

Easter Break (Window: Wed 6 Apr - Tues 19 Apr)
May Half Term (Window: Mon 30 May - Sun 5 Jun)
June (Window: Mon 6 Jun - Sun 12 Jun)

All camps are scheduled to be conducted on weekdays where possible, avoiding any potential clashes with National League activity.

The super-regions are defined as follows:

North – North East, North West and Yorkshire
Central – East Midlands, South West, West Midlands
London – London North, London South
South – East, South, South East

Stage 3 – Aspire All Star Tournament

An Aspire All Star Tournament will then take place from Friday 17 June to Sunday 19 June at the National Basketball Performance Centre, Manchester as the final stage of the programme for the 2021/22 season.

Player Nominations

If a club wishes to nominate age-appropriate players (calendar year 2007-2011) for the Aspire Programme, please click the button below and fill out the form.

Player referral should be done in line with the five pillars of the Player Development Framework, which has also been linked as a button below.

Clubs should ensure that before any referral is made, they have spoken to the player, as well as the player’s parents or guardians, about the Aspire programme and have received consent to share their contact information with Basketball England. If consent is not obtained, Basketball England will refuse the referral until the parents or guardians have consent to it.

Once a referral has been completed and accepted, further information will then be communicated to identified players/parents directly.