Aspire Programme

The objective of the Aspire Programme is to provide quality coaching to age-appropriate players, reinforcing Basketball England’s Player Development Framework and the Aspire curriculum.

The Aspire Programme for talented 11-15-year-olds underwent a reset following the COVID-19 pandemic. The new model utilises the new super-region model and will be delivered primarily through camp-based activity throughout the year:

STAGE 1 - ASPIRE SKILLS CAMPS - All Aspire participants will be involved in camp activity within their region.

STAGE 2 - ASPIRE SUPER REGION CAMPS - Selected players from the Aspire Skills Camps will move on to one of four super region camps.

STAGE 3 – ASPIRE ALL-STAR NATIONAL TOURNAMENT - An Aspire All-Star National Tournament will then take place in Summer as the final stage of the programme.

The nomination process for clubs to highlight age-appropriate players for the Aspire programme can be found below.

Player Nominations

If a club wishes to nominate age-appropriate players (2009-2012 born) for the Aspire Programme, please click the button below and fill out the form. Eligible players from the 2022-23 programme will be automatically invited to the 2023-24 programme.

The windows for nominations are as follows:

  • Window 1 – opens Mon 10 July 2023, closes Fri 1 Sept 2023
  • Window 2 – opens Mon 18 Sept 2023, closes Fri 6 Oct 2023
  • Window 3 – opens Mon 30 Oct 2023, closes Fri 10 Nov 2023
  • Window 4 – opens Mon 27 Nov 2023 closes Fri 1 Dec 2023
  • Window 5 – opens Mon 8 Jan 2024, closes Fri 2 Feb 2024

Nominations received after the window closes will not be guaranteed an invite to the upcoming window, and will therefore be held until the next opportunity. Accepting late nominations will be at the discretion of the Regional Talent Manager.

Player referral should be done in line with the five pillars of the Player Development Framework, which has also been linked as a button below.

Clubs should ensure that before any referral is made, they have spoken to the player, as well as the player’s parents or guardians, about the Aspire programme and have received consent to share their contact information with Basketball England. If consent is not obtained, Basketball England will refuse the referral until the parents or guardians have consent to it.

Once a referral has been completed it will be passed on to the Regional Talent Manager who will review the nomination. Should the nomination be successful, the Regional Talent Manager will pass the nomination on to the Camp Director who will invite the player to camp.