England Talent Programme

The England Talent Programmes (ETP) are designed to provide players and coaches with opportunities to come together, train and compete against other nations with the basic aim of exposing English talent to as many different playing styles and conditions as possible prior to potential Great Britain selection.

Taking the learnings from a number of European countries, we will be focusing on Under 14 & Under 15 options as a priority. This doesn’t mean that we are dismissing other age groups. However, as considerable funds and support are already offered through the England Development Programme (EDP), we have the opportunity to focus on formative experiences which have proven to be a key part of other countries’ success in recent years. 


How are players selected? +

The Aspire Programme Coaches will put together depth charts and with support from the Regional Talent Manager, players will be referred for the England Talent Programme.

How can my child/player get involved? +

If you believe your child/player is a standout performer in your club please contact your Regional Talent Manager who can provide you with information on the support that is available and how to access the Talent Pathway.

How does the England Talent Programme link up with Great Britain? +

Each of the Home Countries (England, Scotland & Wales) have their own Talent Pathway and programmes that align with Great Britain programmes at U16, U18 & U20 levels. Each Home Country nominates players to Great Britain who then deliver preparational activities on the lead up to the summers European Championships.

How are clubs recognised for producing players that are selected to England Talent Programmes? +

Our network of clubs and coaches do a fantastic job on a weekly basis with our players and we recognise and value the contributions that they are making. We recognise this by naming the club alongside the player name.