nationwide camp 2024

leeds beckett, headingley campus



about the camp

Nationwide Referees Camp is a residential camp that takes place in conjunction with the Red Star Basketball Player Camp.  The camp offers focused learning and development for officials covering a wide range of topics in a classroom and on-court environment.

Referees will officiate camp games each day and receive feedback on game performance to aid their learning and development.

We will introduce a table officials camp where delegates will have the choice to attend a day session or multiple day sessions.

The Camp supports Basketball England's objective to develop officials and identify talent. It is an opportunity for individuals to showcase their skills and improve their craft as officials.



Location: Leeds Beckett University

Arrival: 12:00 Tuesday - 30th July 2024

Depart: 13:00 Saturday - 3rd August 2024

Cost: £465

is thIS Camp for you?

If you are looking to improve your officiating as a level 2 or 3 referee or level 2 table official, with aspirations to advance up the pathway, then this is the camp for you. A condensed and intense 4 days of learning and development will ensures you improve your individual officiating skills. 

Level 2 Referees - aspiring to become a senior national league referee and applying for the level 3 referee programme 

Level 3 Referees - improving crew chief skills in the senior national league with aspirations to becoming a level 4 referee

Level 2 Table Officials - active level 2 table officials who are looking to improve thier skills and becoming a level 3 table official

Level 3 Table Officials - Table Officials aspiring to senior national league who want to gain vital education with how to perform all table officiating position to a high level.

Overseas Referees - we welcome referees from overseas who wish to travel to England and learn from some of the best instructors in Europe






The Camp supports Basketball England's objective to educate and develop officials and support their aspiration to move up the officiating pathway. It is an opportunity for individuals to showcase their skills and improve their craft as officials. You will learn:

  • Improve your 3 person mechanics (3PO)
  • Princples and techniques to improve play calling
  • Principles and techniques to improve Individual Officiating Techniques (IOT)
  • Tools for improving your leadership and game managment
  • Communication skills with participants
  • The importance of teamwork to succeed in officiating




A key ellement of the camp is the learnings you take from the practical games. In no other environment are you able to receive feedback and immediatley put this into practice the very same day. With access to game footage, learning points from your post-match discussion can be reveiwed after each game you officiate. Through observation and feedback the Referee Insructors will discuss and evaluate your games so that you can reflect on your performance. Feedback areas will inlcude:

  • Individual Image such as signalling, adminstration mechanics and moving around the court
  • Improving areas relating to your personal camp goals
  • 3PO Mechanics 
  • Table Officiating Mechanics
  • Play Calling & Criteria
  • Your ability to learn, feedback & self evaluate effectively




Take advantage of this oportunty to

  • Different topics each day, but with one goal in mindconsistent criteria in all areas!
  • Defined goals with a practical point of view.
  • Your comments are welcome and needed!
  • Change yourmindset’ and challenge yourself.
  • Joint evolutionwe all learn from each other, including the staff.
  • With opportunity comes responsibility
  • You will be asked for your opinions on the game, about your personal officiating and the job of the crew and the teamwork.
  • Focus on the 4 Step Feedback questions that you are asked and be specific in your answers
  • An overall analysis will be made by the Referee Coach.
  • There will be some 'down time' where the best learning can take place
  • Watch the games, read the level of the tournament.
  • Understand our role and responsibilitiesWe are on show as a group also representing British Basketball.
  • We are ambassadors/sales people of BE officiating.
  • We are also here to enjoy the time together on and off the court.


Thank you to Red Star Belgrade, City of Leeds Basketball Club, and Candobasketball for their support and cooperation