Looking for NBL Stats? We've got you covered!

Follow and track individual player statistics across the leagues in NBL Division One, WNBL Division One & NBL Division Two. We capture all the top players in scoring, rebounds, steals, assists, blocks and efficiency so you can see who is doing work in the NBL and WNBL!

All our stats are housed, collated and displayed on an external platform run by Genius Sports. You can access the site using the button below.

.What information can I find out from the Genius Sports' hub?

There are a host of features, including:

  • Individual game box scores from any fixture across multiple seasons
    Accessed by clicking the schedules tab.
  • Season Average/Total Stats for all players
    Accessed from the Statistics Tab, then Player Tab (scroll down for averages)
  • Season Average/Total Stats for all teams
    Accessed from the Statistics Tab, then Team Tab (scroll down for averages)
  • Team rosters
    Accessed from the Teams Tab, select team, then Roster Tab

What competitions are tracked? How can I see them?

FIBA Live Stats are carried out for all L Lynch Trophy, NBL and WNBL Division One plus NBL Division Two fixtures.

One each page of the Genius Sports' hub, there is a drop down that will allow you view the information/stats you want for each relevant competition.

To do this, click on the drop down as shown below:

Can I view stats and information from previous seasons?

Yes, just click the drop down box that displays the current year to access information from previous seasons.

Who can I contact to discuss NBL statistics?

For all queries regarding NBL stats, please contact our stats inbox, [email protected].

I want to be a statistician. What can I do?

We have a raft of information on training and development opportunities for anyone wishing to become a statistician. Click the button below to find out more.



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