Changes made to Basketball England Level 2 Referee courses

After a long consultation period, Basketball England has decided to make a number of key changes to the Level 2 Referee course. The changes will mean the course is now aligned much more closely to the previous system for the Level 2 award. Candidates will still need to attend 16 hours of tuition and be assessed for 3 games after the course is completed.

Previously, the Level 2 course charged candidates a set fee of £120 for the course, which included the cost of the tutor and venue; the new system will charge each candidate £50, and it will be up to the organiser to add the cost of the tutor and venue between the candidates involved.

These changes have been made following feedback from across the country, with the key element being affordability for candidates. As a central pillar to Basketball England's recently launched Officiating Plan, the recently launched REDD Programme aims to drive recruitment, especially at grass roots. By making the Level 2 course more affordable, the programme is taking an early step towards boosting the number of active referees.

“Whilst some areas have really managed to flourish with the revamped Level 2 course, other areas have not been successful," said Delivery Manager Simon Unsworth. "We want to be sure that we show our support to all regions across the country, and we feel the action we have taken will do this.”

These changes (plus the content of the course itself) were on the agenda for discussion at the inaugural meeting of Basketball England's Officiating Advisory Group. The group have identified the content of various courses, including the Level 2 Referee award, as a priority for refinement to ensure candidate satisfaction and value for money.

The newly priced Level 2 course is available to book immediately via the Basketball England courses team. For more information, please call: 0300 600 1170.