Officiating Game Plan Launched

One of the key strands of the Basketball Development Model is Officiating, with the research group led by Basketball England’s Delivery Manager Simon Unsworth. The research group has been made up of a number of experts, including:

  • Simon Unsworth - Delivery Manager, Basketball England
  • Neil Wilkinson - National Instructor for Basketball England, FIBA
  • Davorin Nakic - Lead Referee Instructor (Europe), FIBA
  • Kate Unsworth - Referee, Basketball England & FIBA
  • Alan Richardson - Education & Training Department, FIBA
  • Tappe Henning - Referee Commissioner, Scottish Rugby Union
  • Steve Swanson - Programme Director MSc Sport Business & Leadership, Loughborough Univeristy London


The group’s research and input has arrived at the writing of the Officiating “Game Plan”, a strategic plan for Officiating which Basketball England will deliver over the coming three years and will sit alongside a suite of other Game Plans for each of the strands of the Basketball Development Model and is a key part of the Basketball England’s Strategic Plan 2018 to 2024 which was recently published.


The plan details the objectives for the next three years, but in summary, to create more and better officials to satisfy the game demand and add more value to the experiences of players, clubs, officials, coaches, parents and fans we are going to initially focus on:

Recruitment & Retention

Improving the recruitment of new and retention of existing officials

Education programmes

Raise the standard of officials through upgrading the education programmes in terms of curriculum and tutor delivery

meet deployment needs

Through the recruitment and training deploy more and better officials to satisfy the national league and growing demand for quality officials

improve game experiences

This in turn will help improve the satisfaction levels of players through better game experiences

diverse officials

Attract a more diverse base of officials

resourcing of deployment

Improve the resourcing of referee deployment to games so Simon Unsworth can spend more time developing the growth and quality of officials


To act as a project board, an Officiating Advisory Group will be appointed. The role of the Group is to monitor progress of the delivery of the plan on a regular basis, to provide expertise and advice to Basketball England’s staff in regards to delivery of the plan and to act as advocates for Officiating and the work of the plan on behalf of Basketball England. The Group will also ensure that a regular update on the progress of the plan is given to the game’s community.


For further information, please contact Basketball England Delivery Manager Simon Unsworth.