Julie Page graduates from first ever FIBA TIME-OUT project

England’s Julie Page recently graduated from FIBA’s TIME-OUT programme, a project designed to aid former players in transitioning to a career in basketball after on-court retirement.

Established in early 2017, TIME-OUT was designed as a unique opportunity to enrich the skills and development of former players. 75 students have graduated from the class, including Page, along with current GB internationals Dan Clark, Kieron Achara and Stef Collins.

This has been a really worthwhile programme that has taught me a lot, I hope FIBA will be able to continue it in future for other athletes” said Manchester-born Page. “Thank you to Basketball England and Delivery Manager Brian Aldred for all their support, it was a massive help!”

Achara added: “It's been a great journey for 14 months. I didn't know what I was coming into to start and it's been very challenging at times but the connections I've made here, the friendships I've built here and the learning, it's all been a phenomenal ride and I really hope in the future there's some other opportunities for other participants because I know it's been very beneficial to my career.”

All 75 students graduated from courses including Leadership and Management (from Northumbria University), Talented Athlete Lifestyle Support (TALS) from the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) and the FIBA Manager Qualification.

Radmila Turner, FIBA Europe National Federations & Sport/Youth & Anti-Doping Manager, said: “We wish to congratulate the students who graduated. This first group - and we believe it to be the first of many - is very important as they will show what and where the opportunities for players are out there. We don't want this to be a one-off and that's why we have worked with these players, by picking their brains, to get a sense of what they have to say, where they will go in order to pass this information and feedback on. Their own experience is crucial in helping us shape the best possible program for future generations.”

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Main photo credit - FIBA Europe