NBA Gatorade Challenge coming to Manchester this weekend!

The NBA Gatorade Challenge is heading to the North West as the National Basketball Performance Centre in Manchester will play host this weekend. 2 lucky winners from across the UK will secure a ticket to the 2019 NBA Global Game between the New York Knicks and Washington Wizards this coming January, with the opportunity to compete on court!

The event will start at 4:00pm, run until 6:30pm and this regional heat is open to anyone aged between 15 and 18. To secure yourself a spot in the challenge, click the button below and fill out the form. Only 100 players will be able to enter, so sign up now!

All participants will start out with a basic combine to put players through their paces with an intense workout. This will include:

  • Lane Agility
  • Vertical Jump
  • 3/4 Sprint
  • Measure Height

Each participant will then have 1 minute to complete the Gatorade skills course. At the end of the course there will be a spot shooting drill where the participant gains points for shots made in each different spot. The more points you gain, the more points are deducted from each participant's combine score i.e sprint time, jump height etc.

The two players with the lowest scores from across the UK will win a ticket to January's NBA Global Game, and will also get the chance to showcase their skills on court mid-game during the second time out!

For more information, click on the Gatorade guide below, and don't forget to sign yourself up asap!