Reminder on Jnr. NBL rule changes for the 2018/19 season

Hybrid Defence

Further to the adopted changes to the No Zone rule announced in July 2018, we would like to remind all coaches and officials involved in Under 16 and & Under 18 Jnr. NBL games that zone defences are permitted for teams in Under 16 & Under 18 conference competitions in the first and third quarters, if the coaches wish to play this form of defence.

For clarity, man to man is the only defence permitted in the second and fourth quarters and any subsequent periods of overtime.

The full regulations are as follows:

  • Zone/Combination Defences are permitted at the Under 16 and Under 18 conference level competitions in quarters one and three, this includes the female age groups where there is no premier competition and just one league, Man to Man Defence can be played throughout but is mandatory in quarters two and four. There are no restrictions for premier level competitions. Where two teams meet in playoffs or cup competitions and one team is conference level and the other team is premier level, the game will be bound by the highest of the two leagues rules and therefore zone defence can be played throughout the game, as per premier level rules at this age group
  • Zone / Combination Defences are not permitted in Under 14 competitions. Man to Man Defence is mandatory.

All Must Play

All Under 14 Girls games are bound by Basketball England’s All Must Play Rule.

The All Must Play rule is to create a more competitive playing environment for the Under 14 Girls Age Group, the rule is to encourage all girls to participate during a Jnr. NBL game.

The rules applicable to the Under 14 Girls Age Group:

  • Games will be of 4 quarters of 10 minutes.
  • The first two quarters will be split into 4 quarters of 5 Minutes duration; stopping clock. There will be a 10-second interval between quarters to switch players.
  • Teams should have 10 players to play in each game, however teams of 12 players are permitted. If the team has less than 10 players, all players must play in two quarters, with all players splitting the minutes equally between the players. No player can play more than 13 minutes in total in the first half across the 4 quarters if there are 8 players, any less of this amount can occur a fine in line with regulation 31.1 and again the minutes split equally between the players in attendance.
  • All players must play in two quarters, in terms of the 11th and 12th players they must also play two quarters and the team adjusted to do so. Substitutions are permitted to accommodate this ruling.
  • If a player is injured and the team has less than 10 players, the coach of said team shall decide on who fills this place.
  • Normal rules will apply in the third and fourth quarters with regard to substitution and the playing of players.
  • All normal FIBA rules apply.

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