All Girls: Newcastle Eagles recruiting women and girls officer

Newcastle Eagles are reruiting a women and girls officer to reinvigorate their female community offering.

The club, which has BBL and WBBL teams, also runs a successful central venue junior league.

Girls make up about 20 per cent of the club's junior membership and Eagles Community Foundation CEO Susan Hunter wants to see that grow back to previous levels.

"Lots of girls are playing in our mixed teams," she said. "But we want to be able to offer girls the chance to play on girls teams and really make a difference.

"We have managed to secure some funding from Sport England and are very excited about the plans we are putting in place.

"We are aware of the positive impact of the All Girls campaign and we have wanted to do something like this for a few years.

"Our junior membership was almost 50-50 between boys and girls previously and to get it back to something like that split would be awesome. We hope this appointment can help us do that and provide more opportunities for girls in the North East."

To see a job description and for details of how to apply for the post click HERE